May Mayhem Fan Fun: The Cantina Celebrates the Wraiths

Almost exactly three months from today, the release of X-Wing: Mercy Kill marks the triumphant return of a Wraith Squadron novel to the Star Wars Expanded Universe. It’s hard to believe that the Wraiths – and their accompanying mayhem, shenanigans, and camaraderie – have been a big part of my fandom experience for nearly a decade now.

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Top Ten Moments of 2011

Reflecting on a top ten moments for 2011 in a blog post is really something I’m doing for me, because I like to see where I thought I’d go and where I actually ended up. It helps in future goal-setting and gives me a bright spot to return to when I need a pick-me-up. But if you want to catch up on what’s been happening at FANgirl Blog, I’ve got a lot of the year captured in today’s post. In reverse order, my top ten of 2011…

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Who Should Write Strong Female Heroines? Women Don’t Always Get It Right

Most definitely I hope to see more women in creative roles not just at DC, Marvel, Pixar, and Star Wars, but everywhere. At the same time, I want women capable of effectively creating characters and storylines that women can relate to, or this Spaceship to Gender Equality in Scifi and Fantasy will take us nowhere fast.

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