BB-8 Inspires STEM For Everyone


A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…

Tricia Barr thought bubble, “#ILookLikeAnEngineer”

…Cole Horton, co-author of the upcoming Star Wars: Absolutely Everything You Need To Know, and I sat at the DK Publishing booth at Star Wars Celebration Anaheim after watching BB-8 roll out on stage during The Force Awakens panel and pondered how the droid worked. I guess this is my contribution to #ILookLikeAnEngineer, a viral online campaign to combat STEM stereotypes. The above picture is my contribution, because I really am a licensed engineer, in addition to an award-winning author, blogger, podcaster, dancer, and equestrian who has competed at the national level.

The founder of the #ILookLikeAnEngineer talked about the inspiration behind the movement in the Washington Post:

Gender diversity challenges seem to be what mainstream media has picked up on the most. While I think that it is absolutely wonderful that this has sparked so many positive discussions about the way that women are treated in STEM, I want to clarify that #iLookLikeAnEngineer is intentionally radically inclusive.

It’s not just about me and it’s not just about women.

#iLookLikeAnEngineer is about anyone and everyone who wants to pursue STEM, regardless of their external appearances.

Labeling this as a “campaign for women” is very limiting, and will only further separate us from everyone else in the community.

We see ourselves as equals, so we must also recognize others as equals, starting with our own actions and words.

From the moment I first saw BB-8, . . . → Read More: BB-8 Inspires STEM For Everyone

Fandom Fashion Friday #4 – Accessories Edition

Ewok Coin Purse

On our previous Fandom Fashion Friday, we covered new items from Her Universe as well as collector’s items and I said next time we’d focus on accessories, so let’s do it!


Image: ThinkGeek

Image: Hot Topic

Starting off with some pieces that lean toward the subtle fandom side, only a few people will mistake these for a moon: Death Star Jewelry ($14.99-$29.99 at ThinkGeek) A ring, necklace, and earrings are available in this style, so take your pick.

Or if Rebels are more your thing, there’s a Rebel firebird Insignia Ring ($22.50, Hot Topic). Now we just need one in blue for the Resistance.

You can keep your fandom in your pocket or purse as well with wallets whether you support the Empire, wish you flew an X-wing, have a fondness for droids, ($16.50 each at Hot Topic) or are a bounty hunter from Mandalore ($19.99 at SuperheroStuff).

Image: ModCloth/Loungefly

If you need something smaller, check out these next two. This C3P0 faux leather coin purse ($22.99, SuperheroStuff) or Ewok the Walk coin purse ($19.99, ModCloth) would be happy to hold small items for you. Although I don’t know if I could handle opening that Ewok’s head to store pennies.

If those are too small of a bag, Loungefly’s Luke & Leia Poster Art Tote is lined and can be found over at Modern Pinup for $56. There’s also a Darth Vader/Dark Side Tattoo Tote that’s embossed ($69.50, Hot Topic). The Disney Store has several . . . → Read More: Fandom Fashion Friday #4 – Accessories Edition

Hyperspace Theories Episode 11: Disney Influences, Shifting Scripts, and the Star Wars Everyman


The topics for this month’s episode of Hyperspace Theories practically generated themselves. After Star Wars Celebration earlier in the year, in August the city of Anaheim hosted another huge fan gathering: the D23 Expo featuring all things Disney. In addition to major news about a Star Wars land coming to Disney Parks, The Force Awakens and Rogue One also put Star Wars movies in the spotlight at the convention, along with major coverage in Entertainment Weekly. Joining us for the episode is Ryan Hurley of Turtle Power Podcast, whose core fandoms – Star Wars, Disney, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – fit in perfectly with our topics.

We begin with considering the influence of Disney on Star Wars now that the multinational, publicly traded company owns Lucasfilm. In addition to its own creations, Disney has managed the successes of fellow subsidiaries Pixar and Marvel. Observing how Disney protects the images of its characters in its theme parks, for example, may indicate how Star Wars characters will be handled in the future. Another important impact of Disney’s influence on the future of Star Wars was the willingness of Disney’s leadership to transition away from the treatment for Episode VII created from the notes of George Lucas to a script written by Lawrence Kasdan and J.J. Abrams instead.

For our speculation meta segment we discuss the challenges of speculating about a movie when multiple versions of a story or screenplay exist during the course of the development process. Ryan shares his experience . . . → Read More: Hyperspace Theories Episode 11: Disney Influences, Shifting Scripts, and the Star Wars Everyman

Daisy Ridley Roundup: August 25, 2015

Empire Magazine TFA hero cover

The Daisy Ridley Roundup for August 19-25, 2015. . . . → Read More: Daisy Ridley Roundup: August 25, 2015

Daisy Ridley Roundup: D23 Expo

Drew Struzan D23 TFA poster

The summer convention season has presented great opportunities to learn more about The Force Awakens’ leading lady Daisy Ridley. If you missed our San Diego Comic-Con Daisy Ridley Roundup, be sure to check it out. Club Jade’s post-SDCC Twitter Roundup provided more glimpses of Ridley and John Boyega enjoying the convention hall via Dustin Sandoval and Jimmy Boy. One lucky Rey cosplayer shared her experience meeting the actress in person on her Tumblr page.

Lucky for Star Wars fans, Ridley joined director J.J. Abrams and fellow cast-mates Harrison Ford, Lupita Nyong’o, John Boyega, and Oscar Isaac at D23 Expo last weekend. (top image via Pete Morrison)

HEY INSTAGRAM! Coming to you live from #D23EXPO #starwars #theforceawakens (trying to keep my dress crease less!)

A photo posted by @daisyridley on Aug 15, 2015 at 11:10am PDT

Ridley announced her arrival at the Disney fan spectacular with her new Instagram account. The actress previously had left Twitter during the filming of Episode VII. Of all the social media venues, Instagram might be the best venue for fan outreach in that its strength is sharing rather than conversation, creating a buffer against bullies and trolls. Ridley has already proved she can ham it up, showing excitement for the Drew Struzan D23 exclusive poster and getting her fangirl on with a . . . → Read More: Daisy Ridley Roundup: D23 Expo

Women of Star Wars Appreciation Week on Tumblr

Today kicks off the Women of Star Wars Appreciation Week on Tumblr. From the event’s page:

Women of Star Wars Appreciation Week starts today! The event tags are #woswaw and #woswweek.

The prompts are:

Monday, 17.08: Don’t look back.

Tuesday, 18.08: You know, you two have more in common than you think. It’s no wonder you get along so well.

Wednesday, 19.08: Somebody has to save our skins!

Thursday, 20.08: It’s only the likes of me, with nothing to lose, who’ll really be prepared to tear the galaxy down and start over.

Friday, 21.08: You’re going down a path I can’t follow.

Saturday, 22.08: If all you do is fight for your own life then your life is worth nothing.

Sunday, 23.08: You can call me ‘Great One’. Most people do.

Let’s have a great time celebrating our favorite Star Wars ladies. May the Force be with you!

Gifsets, fanfiction, fanart, fanmixes, fanvids, and meta are accepted. Beyond the obvious Shmi Skywalker gif sets for today’s prompt, some contributions are inspired Ashoka Tano tie-ins and fanfic featuring Depa Billaba, Rey, and Asajj Ventress. Here’s some of my favorites so far.

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Fandom Fashion Friday #3

Her Universe Star Wars Back to School Fashion

This week’s Fandom Fashion Friday features the latest in clothing and accessories for Star Wars, Doctor Who, and Studio Ghibli. . . . → Read More: Fandom Fashion Friday #3

One Month to Aftermath


The countdown to The Force Awakens is growing ever shorter, and a month from today, September 4, marks the launch of the Journey to The Force Awakens publishing line.

The wait is almost over. One month till #ForceFriday and @StarWars #Aftermath @ChuckWendig We're ready, are you?

— StarWarsBooks (@DelReyStarWars) August 4, 2015

One of the most anticipated books released on Force Friday is Aftermath by Chuck Wendig, which tells a tale set shortly after the Battle of Endor. If you missed it on July 16, shared an exclusive excerpt from the novel. Many a fangirl flail was experienced upon the reappearance of a longtime fan-favorite Wedge Antilles.

Aftermath brings a fresh, talented voice to the Del Rey novel lineup. Wendig’s highly regarded blog offers great writing advice, as well as pointed commentary on issues in genre fiction and beyond, and he does not hesitate to use his voice to advocate for diversity in creators and stories and for positive portrayals of female characters. Wendig also is prolific – and hilarious – on Twitter. (Both sources have occasional, and remarkably inventive NSFW language.) For the lapsed readers of Star Wars novels checking in at FANgirl, we’re happy to report that Aftermath finally is a book we’re genuinely excited for.

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Dave Filoni and Good Times on Radio 1138

Radio 1138 Episode 30

Have you listened to Radio 1138? James Burns and Mark Newbold are Star Wars fans sitting around and chatting about their favorite franchise; it always leaves me smiling. Episode 30 features an interesting interview with Star Wars Rebels showrunner Dave Filoni, where they discuss the concept of closure in storytelling. Star Wars Insider editor Jonathan Wilkins stops by to talk about Issue 159, which includes an interview with Ashley Eckstein, the voice of Ahsoka Tano, and Asajj Ventress takes the stage in my ongoing series on heroes and anti-heroes. Check out Wilkins’ 10 highlights for Issue 159 over at You can pick up Star Wars Insider at local newsstands, bookstores, or get a subscription online.

There are only 140 or so days to go until The Force Awakens but we’ve got plenty of news and interviews to bring you before then. James talks with Dave Filoni about Star Wars Rebels, Roger Christian and Jedi News’ Brian Cameron delve into the past with Black Angel, Mark and Star Wars Insider editor Jonathan Wilkins chat about issue 159, spin-off movies and much more besides, Matt Booker and Brian bring us their report from Skellig Island and Darth Elvis proves why he’s the Bossk. All here on the 30th episode of RADIO 1138.


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. . . → Read More: Dave Filoni and Good Times on Radio 1138

Tricia Talks Marvel’s Princess Leia on Mos Eisley Comicport

Princess Leia #1 cover

Writing last week about Princess Leia and the context surrounding her character as an empowered female in storytelling resulted in some of the highest hits this site has seen. “Slave Leia Sells? Amy Schumer, Boy Toys and the Star Wars Fandom Double Standard” was tweeted by Bitch Media and acknowledged on Full of Sith. On that podcast, Bryan Young noted that Twitter user @tonks17’s motion to rebrand Slave Leia as Leia the Huttslayer had over 10,000 notes after it was posted on Tumblr. And despite the reported “ire” from Disney|Lucasfilm over the GQ cover, John Boyega noted on Instagram that he was finishing up a photo shoot for the magazine.

Prior to the Huttslayer attire controversy, I joined a fantastic group of women on Mos Eisley Comicport to discuss the conclusion of the Princess Leia miniseries from Marvel.

Today’s episode is a series wrap-up for Princess Leia, with some extremely special guests! Tricia Barr (Co-host of Fangirls Going Rogue, Co-Author of Ultimate Star Wars), Sarah Rodriguez (Author of Agent Carter: Season One Declassified, Co-Host of Woman Up! Podcast) Aarthi D (Co-Host of Back in the Field), and Kelsey Marquart (Editor-in-Chief of Nerdy But Flirty, StreamFriends Co-Host) chime in with their thoughts on Marvel’s first canon Star Wars miniseries!

Back in October 2014, FiveThirtyEight conducted a deep-dive statistical analysis into the gender composition of characters and creators in the comics from Marvel and DC. The number-crunching in “Comic Books Are Still Made By Men, For Men And About Men” reveals that . . . → Read More: Tricia Talks Marvel’s Princess Leia on Mos Eisley Comicport