Fangirls Going Rogue Flair for Celebration!

FGGR shirtMy fellow co-host Sarah Woloski heard the cry for Fangirls Going Rogue fangirl flair and did something amazing in a couple of days. Behold the Fangirls Going Rogue podcast and #FangirlFlail shirts! You can find the shirts in our TeePublic store.

The Fangirls Going Rogue will be debuting our shirts at Celebration Anaheim, which is just over two weeks away. Fangirl Flail shirtIt appears this time around, Disney is going to unleash a Death Star sized publicity launch as the Star Wars convention kicks off with the Kathleen Kennedy and J.J. Abrams panel, which will reportedly be simulcast around the world. (via Club Jade) A bold global initiative that gives everyone a chance to fall in love with the galaxy far far away!

Are we there yet? We will be covering Celebration full force from Anaheim, so follow @fangirlcantina, @Geek_Kay, and @HyperspacePod for live tweets from the convention.

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Celebration Art Show Presales Begin Today

Karen Hallion Celebration Anaheim

Presales for Star Wars Celebration Anaheim art prints run from March 30 to April 10. . . . → Read More: Celebration Art Show Presales Begin Today

Star Wars Rebels Season One Review

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Hyperspace Theories Episode Seven – Rise of the Jedi Master: Dave Filoni


Episode Seven of Hyperspace Theories discusses the impact of Dave Filoni on the future of Star Wars storytelling, including the animated series Star Wars Rebels. . . . → Read More: Hyperspace Theories Episode Seven – Rise of the Jedi Master: Dave Filoni

Causes Fangirls Can Get Behind


Causes this fangirl can get behind. . . . → Read More: Causes Fangirls Can Get Behind

RebelForce Radio Gets Fans Ready For Celebration

RFR Organa

The March 27, 2015 episode of RebelForce Radio kicks it up a notch. From the show notes:

You know him as the voice of Kit Fisto in Star Wars: The Clone Wars & Senator Bail Organa in Star Wars Rebels – Phil Lamarr talks to Jimmy Mac about working in Star Wars, Pulp Fiction, Mad TV and more! Stephen Stanton returns to give us an amazing Death Star-sized update to our Star Wars Celebration ticket giveaway that will blow you away. It’s a RebelForce Radio miracle! Stephen also gives us the lowdown on what he has up his sleeve for the 501st party. Geek Out Loud superstar Steve Glosson sits in this week for a huge Celebration Anaheim Update with Star Wars artist extraordinaire Randy Martinez. We get all the deets from Randy about his booth at the show, and we review some of the Celebration programming schedule, including Smuggler’s Bounty. SOLD OUT! That’s right, all the tix for the massive RFR Celebration Kickoff Bash are gone! We fill you in on what will be happening at the bash and who will be there. Plus, Star Wars Aftermath, some new buzz about the long-in-development live-action Star Wars TV show, Will Ferrell as Little Debbie, music and good times! RFR is a STAR WARS CELEBRATION for your ears!


Kay Joins Star Wars Bookworms

Princess Leia #1 cover

On Journey to Star Wars Celebration, episode #38 of Star Wars Bookworms, I join Aaron Goins to fill in for Teresa as co-host. It was my first time on the show and we had a lot of fun! Aaron and I have recently been on Fangirl Chat talking Doctor Who as well as the Rebels Season 1 Finale episode of Disney Vault Talk’s Rebel Yell together and it was good to get to talk with him about Star Wars books and comics new and old.

We cover a lot of ground from Legends to recent releases to upcoming stories as well as my first Marvel Star Wars comic – Princess Leia #1. We get a little goofy speculating on the 20-book Journey to the Force Awakens series. And the cherry on top is that ever so briefly we mention Jaina and Jag – twice.

From the show notes:

Star Wars Celebration is almost here and we have so much to talk about. Sadly Teresa wasn’t able to join in for this episode, but we got a great guest host in Kay from Fangirl Blog and the Hyperspace Theories podcast.

We talk about the details of the Bookworms panel that will be on the podcast stage at Star Wars Celebration. We also reveal the artist who did the design for our exclusive panel pins. You are going to want one of these! Aaron gives his brief thoughts on Splinter of the Mind’s Eye and Aaron and Kay talk about the . . . → Read More: Kay Joins Star Wars Bookworms

Way Less New to Doctor Who

A girl can get through a lot of space and time in six odd months.

It feels like I’ve been a Whovian for years but I just checked my post from when I first leaped into the TARDIS and it was only months ago. I guess time travel can do that to you. But now I am all caught up – at least as far as New Who (2005-present) goes. Hitting that marker was a pretty exciting moment.


— Kay (@Geek_Kay) February 22, 2015

It’s true. I seriously felt like I should receive some sort of diploma. I learned so much! I say and tweet things now that would have sounded like gobbledygook to me last year. And to top it off somehow I even went to sleep after watching the post-Series 8 Christmas special, which if you also watched you understand the achievement.

I’ve been tweeting about my adventures along the way and every time I thought people might be getting tired of my commentary, someone would appear nudging me to keep it up. As mentioned in my original post, the Doctor Who fandom continues to be incredibly encouraging and I’ve never felt like I’m alone on my journey – even when I literally was watching the episodes by myself.

Clara by Alice X. Zhang

I appreciate all the people on Twitter who answered my questions – whether . . . → Read More: Way Less New to Doctor Who

My Little Pony’s Bobby Curnow Visits Fangirl Chat


Teresa Delgado revs her My Little Pony fandom into high gear on the latest Fangirl Chat. From the show notes:

On this episode Teresa Delgado is joined by Bobby Curnow of IDW Publishing to discuss all things from the world of My Little Pony comics. The conversation focuses on the relationship between Hasbro and IDW and how the creative team goes about creating the world of Equestria in comic book form. He lets us in on a few secrets of how they create ponies and who his favorite ponies are. We talk about Ponies being for everyone and why people should not only try the show but the comics as well. Enjoy this exclusive interview and Pony Up!

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Aftermath of Losing the Star War Expanded Universe

SW Aftermath cover

by Priya Chhaya

In eighth grade science class my friend Tracy slid me a folded piece of notebook paper. Scrawled across the top were the words “Star Wars Expanded Universe and Ratings” or something like that. On this paper she had painstakingly written out the name of each of the books marking each in turn with a series of stars. One for Children of the Jedi. Five for The Last Command. A blueprint for a newly inducted fan.

Soon I found myself devouring each book as it came along. Wanting to stay current, and let’s be honest, to know everything. In 1995, the internet was in its infancy, and my sphere of conversation on this topic was limited. But, boy, did I read.

I read regularly until the end of the New Jedi Order. Then things took a turn towards darkness. bugs, strange adventures, twisted Solo children. So I moved on, returning occasionally for a book by Timothy Zahn and to read about Mara’s demise firsthand. I felt like I owed it to her to read about her death, to pay my last respects.

Despite all this the internet kept me informed and it was enough. A single toe in a larger pond.

Enter Disney.

Let’s get this out of the way: I am hopeful. Cautiously optimistic. Filled with anticipation. Even thrilled now that we have three films in three years.

Seriously all — ROGUE ONE. Even if it isn’t linked to Michael Stackpole/Aaron Allston, the idea alone… Whew.

Then . . . → Read More: Aftermath of Losing the Star War Expanded Universe