Fangirls Around the Web

(Fanboys might find some of this interesting too!)

Let’s see, where to start… How about Padmé?

Lucasfilm executive editor and writer J.W. Rinzler tweeted this behind-the-scenes look at Padmé artwork by Carl Samson. The portrait is featured in the book Star Wars Art: Visions.

Star Wars Weekends has confirmed their final celebrity will be Cat Taber, who has a few Star Wars Expanded Universe connections. More on that coming to Suvudu and FANgirl tomorrow.

Speaking of the EU, after setting San Diego Comic Con straight about her status as a pro – looks like the July convention will be an opportunity for fans to seek out the new Senior Editor at Lucasfilm/LucasBooks and welcome her personally to the SWEU family – Jen Heddle declared her plans for world domination, or maybe just selling lots of Star Wars books. Fangirls support her wholeheartedly in this endeavor.

Ashley Eckstein (Ahsoka Tano) has been teasing her fashionable fans with peeks at her new designs available May 21st. We Love Fine is also thinking geek chic with some female-friendly designs. And how about topping off your geek girl attire by showing your love for Jaina Solo by converting these purple lightsaber chopsticks into hair accessories? (I’m testing these out at Star Wars Weekends. I’ll let you know how it goes.)

Finally, what’s this about artwork featuring Tyria Sarkin Tainer of Wraith Squadron? Aaron Allston, author of the upcoming Star Wars: X-Wing: Mercy Kill, offered to answer some questions on her character for an upcoming Suvudu blog. She has been a fan favorite (and one of my favorites) since appearing in Wraith Squadron over a decade ago.



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