Dark Disciple Review by Kay

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There are times when you find yourself unable to put down a book you’re reading. Although some of those times you don’t want to put it down because you know if you do, you won’t pick it back up again. While it started out fine, reading Dark Disciple eventually became one of those latter times.

Christie Golden’s latest is based on an unproduced eight-episode arc of The Clone Wars television series and finds the Jedi Council assigning Jedi Quinlan Vos to team up with former dark-sider Asajj Ventress to end Count Dooku’s reign of terror.

Like other recent Star Wars book releases, setting this story between the movies leaves the author with a challenge. We already know from the movies how Count Dooku dies, and it isn’t by the hand of Quinlan Vos or Asajj Ventress. So how does this story keep its tension and interest when the outcome of the mission can’t hold that?

The short answer is it doesn’t, really. Too soon the pacing of Dark Disciple becomes the world’s most consistently disappointing rollercoaster with long, info-dumping setups and blink-and-you’ll-miss-it payoffs over and over again. The television show episode structure is still readily apparent, which might not be the worst if you want to imagine this as more episodes of The Clone Wars. But if you want to read it as one big story, it’s awkward.

Probably also due to the episode structure, the beginning of the book feels like it’s Vos’ story. After a bit Ventress comes . . . → Read More: Dark Disciple Review by Kay

Star Wars Celebration Anaheim: Rebel Women Who Fought The Clone Wars

Friday evening at Star Wars Celebration Anaheim the Behind the Scenes Stage featured an inspiring panel titled “Rebel Women Who Fought The Clone Wars.” The four panelists were producers Liz Marshall and Athena Portillo, Story Group member Rayne Roberts, and concept artist Amy Beth Christenson. Stage hosts Jimmy Mac and Jason Swank began the hour like usual, only to be suddenly interrupted by Dave Filoni, who told them, “I love you guys, but these are my friends.” Filoni then noted the ongoing talk in fandom about strong female characters, and expressed his belief that the strongest women are behind the scenes. He personally proposed the topic of the panel to celebrate the women who have played crucial roles in The Clone Wars and Rebels, emphasizing that none of it would be possible without them.

Picture by Her Universe

Filoni started off the panel by commenting that despite the perception of some, women are not recent additions to the Star Wars fandom. He asked each panelist when they first became Star Wars fans. Portillo waited 2.5 hours in line with her father to see Star Wars in the theater in 1977, and it was the first film Christenson ever saw in a movie theater. Marshall watched the Star Wars and Indiana Jones films as “sick day movies” with her father, while Roberts experienced them as movies playing in daycare. Perhaps Roberts put it best when she said that Star Wars had always been part of the background of her life . . . → Read More: Star Wars Celebration Anaheim: Rebel Women Who Fought The Clone Wars

Star Wars Celebration Anaheim: The Clones War Tales Yet Untold

On Thursday afternoon at Celebration, Dave Filoni and Pablo Hidalgo joined David Collins on the Digital Stage for a panel titled “The Untold Clone Wars.” Fans of the animated series have known since the show’s cancellation in 2012 that several addition seasons’ worth of material existed in various stages of development, from full-cast voice recordings and animatics to episode scripts and notes from story conferences. Some of those stories have been released, including the Lost Missions sixth-season episodes, the Utapau arc animatics, the Son of Dathomir comic, and the upcoming novel Dark Disciple. Other tales, though, remain hidden in the shadows. Filoni and Hidalgo treated fans with glimpses and hints at the panel; images of all of the disclosed concept art and Filoni sketches are available at the StarWars.com live blog page. Perhaps the most interesting information from the panel, though, was not the plot arcs or character appearances revealed, but the insights about the storytelling ideas that had guided the series toward its endpoint.

The first arc mentioned centers around Boba Fett and Cad Bane. In a storyline inspired by the Western movie The Searchers, the two bounty hunters must work together to locate a Tusken Raider camp on Tatooine to rescue a captive. In a clip, Bane convinces Fett to act as bait, allowing himself to be taken by the Tuskens so that Bane can follow the tracking signal to the camp. More than money motivates the elder bounty hunter, though. Filoni revealed that Bane had been a . . . → Read More: Star Wars Celebration Anaheim: The Clones War Tales Yet Untold

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Path Dependence in Star Wars Storytelling

In Star Wars lore, Yoda famously described a variation on path dependence, too: “Once you set foot down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny.” Path dependence has a long history in prior Star Wars stories, and its impact will be felt on all of the new Star Wars stories coming in the years ahead. . . . → Read More: Path Dependence in Star Wars Storytelling

Harry Potter’s Leading Ladies

UN Women Emma Watson Goodwill Ambassador

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Vanity Fair Praises Strong Female Characters of The Clone Wars

Asajj Ahsoka Luminara

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