Kay Joins Star Wars Bookworms

Princess Leia #1 cover

On Journey to Star Wars Celebration, episode #38 of Star Wars Bookworms, I join Aaron Goins to fill in for Teresa as co-host. It was my first time on the show and we had a lot of fun! Aaron and I have recently been on Fangirl Chat talking Doctor Who as well as the Rebels Season 1 Finale episode of Disney Vault Talk’s Rebel Yell together and it was good to get to talk with him about Star Wars books and comics new and old.

We cover a lot of ground from Legends to recent releases to upcoming stories as well as my first Marvel Star Wars comic – Princess Leia #1. We get a little goofy speculating on the 20-book Journey to the Force Awakens series. And the cherry on top is that ever so briefly we mention Jaina and Jag – twice.

From the show notes:

Star Wars Celebration is almost here and we have so much to talk about. Sadly Teresa wasn’t able to join in for this episode, but we got a great guest host in Kay from Fangirl Blog and the Hyperspace Theories podcast.

We talk about the details of the Bookworms panel that will be on the podcast stage at Star Wars Celebration. We also reveal the artist who did the design for our exclusive panel pins. You are going to want one of these! Aaron gives his brief thoughts on Splinter of the Mind’s Eye and Aaron and Kay talk about the . . . → Read More: Kay Joins Star Wars Bookworms

Way Less New to Doctor Who

A girl can get through a lot of space and time in six odd months.

It feels like I’ve been a Whovian for years but I just checked my post from when I first leaped into the TARDIS and it was only months ago. I guess time travel can do that to you. But now I am all caught up – at least as far as New Who (2005-present) goes. Hitting that marker was a pretty exciting moment.


— Kay (@Geek_Kay) February 22, 2015

It’s true. I seriously felt like I should receive some sort of diploma. I learned so much! I say and tweet things now that would have sounded like gobbledygook to me last year. And to top it off somehow I even went to sleep after watching the post-Series 8 Christmas special, which if you also watched you understand the achievement.

I’ve been tweeting about my adventures along the way and every time I thought people might be getting tired of my commentary, someone would appear nudging me to keep it up. As mentioned in my original post, the Doctor Who fandom continues to be incredibly encouraging and I’ve never felt like I’m alone on my journey – even when I literally was watching the episodes by myself.

Clara by Alice X. Zhang

I appreciate all the people on Twitter who answered my questions – whether . . . → Read More: Way Less New to Doctor Who

Fanon, Canon and the Blurring Lines Between Them

The Force Awakens fan art by professional artist Phil Noto

Fan fiction is being covered widely across media. Tricia Barr discusses why it is a topic that has become unavoidable to franchises. . . . → Read More: Fanon, Canon and the Blurring Lines Between Them

Kay Reviews Chappie

Kay reviews Chappie. . . . → Read More: Kay Reviews Chappie

Kay Talks Star Wars Rebels Finale on Rebel Yell


Well, the Star Wars Rebels first season finale definitely lived up to its name “Fire Across the Galaxy.” There was much to discuss about it and the second to last episode – “Rebel Resolve” (or as I call it “Rebels Mockingjay Part 1″). It’s true my Fulcrum speculation didn’t turn out to be correct, but I still have hope we’ll see those two characters pop up somewhere.

Nevertheless, I was happy to join Disney Vault Talk’s Rebel Yell hosts Steve Glosson and Teresa Delgado along with fellow guests Erich Shoeneweiss from Del Rey Books and Aaron Goins from Star Wars Bookworms to put it all on the table. For discussion on Chopper’s WALL-E moments and his dangerous side, where the villains stand, a hat tip to Jaina Solo, our awe of the show’s visuals, the latest developments in #spacemarried and a lot more, give the podcast a listen.

From the show notes:

Teresa and Steve are joined by Erich Shoeneweiss (@Darth_Duff on Twitter), Aaron Goins from Star Wars Bookworms and Bad Wolf Radio and Kay from Fangirl Blog to discuss the final two episodes of the first season of Star Wars Rebels. Rebel Resolve and Fire Across the Galaxy rounded out the first season of what was for Steve a surprisingly great show, for Teresa business as usual, and for our panel? Well..everyone loved the season, but what are our thoughts as we close things out with deaths, returns and appearances, the first season ended with jaw dropping results, and . . . → Read More: Kay Talks Star Wars Rebels Finale on Rebel Yell

Kay Reviews Heir to the Jedi

Kay reviews the newest Star Wars novel from Del Rey, Kevin Hearne’s Heir to the Jedi. . . . → Read More: Kay Reviews Heir to the Jedi

Representation in Media: Why It Matters

HU Firebird Sabine girls shirts

The topic of representation is appearing everywhere this past month, between the lack of diversity in the Oscar nominees to the toys on shelves, from the identity of the upcoming Spider-Man to the portrayal of women in videogames and in the pages of books and comics. Here is some food for thought.

Fangirl extraordinaire Johnamarie Macias guest posted at Coffee With Kenobi. Her piece “Planting the Seed of Possibility: Representation and Diversity in Media” takes the tactic of changing one fan’s opinion at a time, which is a style of advocating for change in fandom I discussed in Critiquing Our Favorite Franchise last month. From Johna:

Visual representation may not seem crucial to the majority who are continually represented on-screen, but it means something to the remaining population. It meant something to Lupita and her talent landed her a role in the upcoming sequel film. And hopefully, when a young Black girl sees Lupita on the screen come December, she’ll go, “Oh?—I? could be an actress!” Because that’s what representation does. It plants a seed, it inspires, and it makes things possible.

The Hollywood Reporter has been leading a charge to discuss diversity in Hollywood. THR executive editor Matthew Belloni moderated a “Thinking L.A.” panel to discuss the newly released Hollywood Diversity Report, which concludes that “diversity clearly sells.” Two things came up at the panel in regards to the resistance to change in the film industry that transfer over to the problematic mindsets in toys, comics, and books.

The . . . → Read More: Representation in Media: Why It Matters

Oscars: Free Us Or Die


The end is near.

Lady Gaga proved herself to be a stellar contender for the lead in what is now an inevitable contemporary remake of The Sound of Music. In a formidable triad with Lupita Nyong’o’s fabulous dress (adorned with six-thousand-handsewn-pearls) and Patricia Arquette’s rousing acceptance speech, three women were prominent in salvaging the 2015 Oscar telecast from utter disaster. The male standout, in my opinion, was The Imitation Game’s Graham Moore speaking so honestly about suicide and feeling out of place in society.

This year’s self-congratulatory motion picture awards/fashion show will otherwise be remembered for extended lulls, failed comedy, and Neil Patrick Harris embarrassing himself and the celebrity-filled auditorium by appearing in his underwear. That was almost as unfunny as it was lacking in class for a show that likes to think of itself as the stylish global celebrity affair of the year.

Dozens of media sources are reporting today that this Oscar show’s ratings were significantly down, with drops ranging from 10% to more than 15%, definitely the smallest television audience in the last four years. With some variances, the downward trend seems persistent.

This year, it occurred to me that the Fireplace Channel might be more interesting and yet there is vicarious pleasure in watching Hollywood’s old guard get it wrong—again.

The Academy Openly Dismissed Popular Movies

Liam Neeson’s presentation speech was a surprise, whether the words were his own or provided by Academy writers:

“Hollywood is often criticized for making too many movies based on toys, . . . → Read More: Oscars: Free Us Or Die

Tricia Talks Twittering Hearts As Storytelling Beats on ForceCast


Tricia visits the ForceCast for a discussion about romance in Star Wars. . . . → Read More: Tricia Talks Twittering Hearts As Storytelling Beats on ForceCast

WYNDE: Romance Is In The Air

Wynde Final Cover

An audio excerpt from Chapter 43 of WYNDE. . . . → Read More: WYNDE: Romance Is In The Air