Fandom Fashion Friday #4 – Accessories Edition

Ewok Coin Purse

On our previous Fandom Fashion Friday, we covered new items from Her Universe as well as collector’s items and I said next time we’d focus on accessories, so let’s do it!


Image: ThinkGeek

Image: Hot Topic

Starting off with some pieces that lean toward the subtle fandom side, only a few people will mistake these for a moon: Death Star Jewelry ($14.99-$29.99 at ThinkGeek) A ring, necklace, and earrings are available in this style, so take your pick.

Or if Rebels are more your thing, there’s a Rebel firebird Insignia Ring ($22.50, Hot Topic). Now we just need one in blue for the Resistance.

You can keep your fandom in your pocket or purse as well with wallets whether you support the Empire, wish you flew an X-wing, have a fondness for droids, ($16.50 each at Hot Topic) or are a bounty hunter from Mandalore ($19.99 at SuperheroStuff).

Image: ModCloth/Loungefly

If you need something smaller, check out these next two. This C3P0 faux leather coin purse ($22.99, SuperheroStuff) or Ewok the Walk coin purse ($19.99, ModCloth) would be happy to hold small items for you. Although I don’t know if I could handle opening that Ewok’s head to store pennies.

If those are too small of a bag, Loungefly’s Luke & Leia Poster Art Tote is lined and can be found over at Modern Pinup for $56. There’s also a Darth Vader/Dark Side Tattoo Tote that’s embossed ($69.50, Hot Topic). The Disney Store has several . . . → Read More: Fandom Fashion Friday #4 – Accessories Edition

Katie Couric’s Rise of the Female Superhero


At Yahoo! News, Katie Couric has a wonderful new report titled, “Rise of the Female Superhero.” The video is about 17 minutes long, and covers a wide range of topics. It’s great to see a high-profile journalist like Couric giving reach to topics that fangirls have been emphasizing recently:

With a fan base that’s now 47 percent female, the notion of comic book superheroes being a boys club is now a thing of the past. Publishers like Marvel, DC and Image have answered the demand for more female protagonists, and behind the pages, a new wave of female creators are giving these characters the presence they never had. From writers G. Willow Wilson and Kelly Sue DeConnick to artists like Babs Tarr, the comic book industry has never seemed so diverse.

As many eagerly wait for Hollywood to catch up to comicdom with upcoming films like “Captain Marvel” and “Wonder Woman,” and television shows like “Supergirl,” these comic book creators are ringing in a new golden age for the female superhero, and the world of crime fighting will never be the same.

Only a few years ago, DC Comic’s Dan Didio publicly dismissed the concerns of female fans; now he’s seen the positives that diversity in stories – and the audience – can bring to the industry. With Mockingjay Part 2 and The Force Awakens coming to theaters at the end of the year, hopefully the trend Couric is noting will only gain more momentum in the months . . . → Read More: Katie Couric’s Rise of the Female Superhero

Fandom Fashion Friday #2

Black Widow and the Avengers Shirt

We’re back for another round of Fandom Fashion Friday – your place to see some of the latest finds for wearing your fandom. In this edition there’s even more items than last time so be sure to check out the links as not everything is pictured.


Star Wars

Hot Topic and SuperHeroStuff are now carrying some of the items we saw in the Goldie/We Love Fine Star Wars collection. For example:

Chewbacca Hoodie at Hot Topic ($79.50)

Han Solo Costume Shirt at SuperHeroStuff ($43.99)

R2D2 Sweater at SuperHeroStuff ($56.99)


Several new Star Wars earrings can also now be found at Hot Topic:

Rebel Alliance Insignia Earrings ($8.50) Oddly enough the product page for this one includes a Princess Leia quote from The Force Unleashed.

Also available: Boba Fett, stormtrooper, Imperial logo, and Darth Vader


This AT-AT walker necklace has some neat detail in it and is normally $100 (US) but you can find it currently on sale at Kohl’s for the low, low price of $29.99.

And a new plus-size Her Universe tee has appeared on ThinkGeek for $19.99. Are you ready to choose your destiny?

I recently discovered Junk Food Clothing carries some Star Wars items too. Some of the clothing is even on sale as of this posting – including this purple comic-y ladies Star Wars t-shirt ($10), this trippy Star Wars raglan ($18), and this particularly comfy-looking Empire Strikes Back hoodie ($30, technically men’s sizing).

And for those who like to keep their . . . → Read More: Fandom Fashion Friday #2

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