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Star Wars Rebels: A Review of Stocking Stuff Story Books

If you’re looking for some last-minute Star Wars gifts for your younglings, consider these young-reader books tied to Star Wars Rebels:

Star Wars Rebels: Rise of the Rebels, Michael Kogge

This is a nice introduction to the Rebels series. It is a chapter book, rated for grades 3-7, but the older end of the range may be bored. Characters are introduced in little vignettes. At first I was unimpressed that was nothing new told in the stories. However, I read this a few times – before I saw Rebels and then afterwards – and it grew on me. That’s always an advantage when choosing a book for little ones. It’s a cute book to introduce the series to younger kids. My favorite character in this book ended up being Chopper.

Star Wars Rebels: Head to Head, Pablo Hidalgo

This book is designed for grades 3-7 and was really fun. It gives insights into each character with D&D style stats on characteristics like strength, intelligence etc. Interesting to note that only the Sith Inquisitor was rated more intelligent than Sabine and Hera. Of all the books I have reviewed for Rebels so far, I found this the most unique and interesting. Good for older kids in the grade 3-7 range and kids who enjoy D&D style games.

Star Wars Rebels: Chopper Saves the Day, Lucasfilm Press

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Edge of Tomorrow: A Review

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The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1: A Review

Mockingjay Part 1

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Wonder Woman Unshackled

Jill Lepore Secret History Wonder Woman

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Kay Reviews A New Dawn

Kay is back with a review of the latest Star Wars Books release, A New Dawn by John Jackson Miller. The novel is a prequel to the upcoming television series Star Wars Rebels, and includes the backstory on the two older protagonists in the show, Kanan and Hera.

From Kay’s review:

A New Dawn marks the beginning of a new era in Star Wars books. This is the first book to come out under the guidance of the Lucasfilm Story Group, responsible for coordinating all Star Wars stories going forward no matter the medium. All the previously published books of the Expanded Universe are now known as Legends. And while I understand why this decision was made and applaud the idea of better overall coordination, the April announcement left me heartbroken. I’ve spent many years of my life with those now legendary tales. I didn’t always love where some authors took the stories, but I came to know those characters of the post-Return of the Jedi era inside and out. Now their fates are up in the air. They may reappear as I knew them, in another form, or never again – with no known date when we’d know for sure. So I thought that this might be my exit point from reading anything new about that galaxy far, far away.

One person’s involvement made me decide to at least give this relaunch a chance: John Jackson Miller.

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