Seeking SFH: Tyria Sarkin Tainer Fights for the Jedi Team

As I interviewed Allston for the Insider, we had plenty to discuss about strong female characters. Our chat inspired a trip down memory lane, back to the original X-Wing books that had cemented my Expanded Universe fandom. As I reread the series, one of my all-time favorite characters, Tyria Sarkin Tainer, captured my attention once more. Now, though, I was also experiencing the stories with a critical eye toward examining how these female characters become memorable and what made them resonate still.

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Silver Linings and Moving Forward – Fangirls Find Their Voices

Over the last five days shock, anger, and disgust have been the predominant fandom emotions for many Expanded Universe fans, especially women. The silver lining is that airing the dirty laundry can become a positive point of change when it provides momentum for moving forward.

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The Heroine’s Journey: How Campbell’s Model Doesn’t Fit

Why isn’t the existing Hero’s Journey model already good enough to use for heroine-centered stories? In this post, we address the three main problems we see in Joseph Campbell’s monomyth and its impact on storytelling, and how we hope to design the Heroine’s Journey model differently to avoid them.

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