X-wings, Insiders, and Swag

Star Wars Insider #134 is available on newsstands now. The highlight of the issue for me, naturally, is the fabulous artwork of Jaina Solo and Jagged Fel by Joe Corroney. He did four pieces to accompany the exclusive short story “Getaway” by Christie Golden, and they still have me smiling. There’s lots of other great material in the issue too, though, including an interview by Pablo Hidalgo with Dave Filoni discussing Seasons Four and Five of The Clone Wars and Jason Fry’s top ten moments from Season Four, as well as Pablo’s interview with Chris Hardwick talking about the upcoming Course of the Force charity lightsaber relay and Jason’s look at the digital starship model-making for The Essential Guide to Warfare.

Just yesterday Star Wars Insider posted their cover for Issue #135, which hits shelves on July 24. If you note the cool little X-wing in the upper right corner, that’s because the issue features a heavy dose of promotion for Aaron Allston’s X-Wing: Mercy Kill, which goes on sale August 7. The exclusive short story by Karen Miller stars Myri Antilles, younger daughter of Wedge and one of the main characters in Mercy Kill. The issue also marks my official Star Wars publishing debut – my interview with Aaron Allston about Mercy Kill, the X-Wing series, and more.

When you visit the comic book store or local bookseller to pick up your copy of Mercy Kill, it might be cool to be wearing one of these awesome iron-ons that Del Rey is offering for their summer convention swag. I haven’t used an iron in years – I think the ’80’s was the last time I made an iron-on t-shirt – so I better brush up. But you have to love the retro vibe!




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3 thoughts on “X-wings, Insiders, and Swag

  • July 5, 2012 at 5:10 am

    Congrats on the interview with Aaron, I’ve interviewed him a couple of times, most recently at Fan Days 4. Great guy, can’t wait for Mercy Kill.
    And congrats on being an Insider, I’ve been contributing since 2006 but most of my pieces have been in the past three years (I do the My Star wars and Red 5’s, as well as #134’s 501st Clonetrooper article). Nothing cooler than being in the official magazine!

    • July 9, 2012 at 7:02 pm

      Thanks, Mark. Aaron was a great first interview. Looking forward to July 24th.

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