Warfare Begins, Luke Dies, and Maul Speaks (a lot)

Today marks the release of the latest nonfiction title in the Star Wars Expanded Universe, The Essential Guide to Warfare. I knew the fan anticipation for this book was really high when the Exclusive Sneak Peek art preview post vaulted right to the number one all-time most-hits blog, passing Luke Skywalker Must Die after just a couple weeks. I had a chance to preview the book early, and I really liked it. Look for a post later this week on Suvudu with my thoughts.

Wampa vs. Rancor - fan art by DJLogan (click to see full-size version at DeviantArt)

Speaking of Luke Skywalker’s demise… Frank Parisi made a guest appearance on last week’s ForceCast to discuss Timothy Zahn’s upcoming novel, Scoundrels. In addition to revealing two fan-favorite characters set to appear in the book – Winter and Kell Tainer – he also talked about his goals for the Del Rey EU generally. And of course Jason and Jimmy Mac had to ask him about the potential that fans might see Luke Skywalker’s last stand. There was talk of rancors, tauntauns, and wampas, but no fandom-shattering secrets revealed. (Unless Luke really has been a clone all these years; then we apparently missed it.)

While you’re checking out the ForceCast, they also recently had a fantastic interview – over an hour! – with Sam Witwer. Discussion ran the gamut: voicing Darth Maul, Son of Mortis, and Starkiller; working with Dave Filoni and Clancy Brown; acting school and Being Human; and recently showing an actor friend the Star Wars movies for the first time. And be sure not to miss Sam’s uncanny impersonation of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Update: Fate of the Jedi author Troy Denning will be participating in a chat at the Star Wars Books Facebook page at 3pm on Wednesday, April 4th. If you’ve got pressing questions, now is your chance to ask the author.

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