INTERVIEW: James Luceno

At Celebration VI, Linda Hansen-Raj, Mary Sheridan, and I had the pleasure of interviewing several Star Wars Expanded Universe authors. Independent of each other, our questions seemed to come back to a theme: characters. While I put my head down and write, each week the blog will post one of the interviews. First up is my discussion with James Luceno, author of Darth Plagueis.

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Celebration VI: Suvudu Jaina Solo Art Brought to Life

In June, Star Wars: The Essential Guide to Warfare co-author Paul Urquhart shared with Suvudu readers his best star-pilots in the Galaxy Far Far Away. The article featured images created by Frank-Joseph Frelier and included artwork of Stealth-X pilot Jaina Solo. On the first day of Celebration VI, I was amazed to see Shea Standefer at the Dark Horse Comics booth in her cosplay recreation of the new flight suit. In less than two months she pulled off a spectacular costume.

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Celebration VI: Dark Horse & Brian Wood Recap

Like Del Rey, Dark Horse only made a small number of new product reveals this time around at Celebration VI. One of their upcoming titles, though – Brian Wood’s Star Wars – definitely earned showcase attention, with a Friday evening session in the Star Wars University room dedicated simply to Wood and editor Randy Stradley holding an hour-long casual conversation with fans about the series.

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