Interview: Shea Standefer

One of the best parts of Celebration is meeting in person many fans I’ve known online for years. I ran into Shea Standefer at the Dark Horse Comics booth on the first day of the convention, and at first I didn’t realize who her cosplay was supposed to be. There was a lot of purple, and having written for Suvudu I was familiar with the image by Frank-Joseph Frelier of Stealth-X pilot Jaina Solo…

I was amazed she had pulled off the costume so quickly and so well. Shea and I had interacted with each other for years at various Star Wars message boards and shared a favorite heroine in Jaina. Cosplayers are some of the nicest people you’ll meet. In addition to generously letting me wear her X-wing pilot costume at Celebration, Shea took some time to share with FANgirl Blog her thoughts on costuming and how she pulled together her fantastic look in time for the convention.

She also passed along a few images showing the evolution of Jaina’s character in costume, including some exclusive new pictures. Check out our interview with Shea. After reading it, you will see why I feel privileged to have a rare shot of her in costume as a smiling Jaina.

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