Success for Women in Indie Comics: Part Three

The third part of my series on Success for Women in Indie Comics is an interview with comics illustrator Amanda Rachels.

MS: Most artists that I know tend to be fairly critical of their own work. Do you agree that artwork is “never finished – only abandoned?”

I used to be critical to the point it caused me a lot of stress about my own work but now I’m just more realistic. I try to see what I can improve or to see what actually has improved and expand upon it. I disagree on finished art – I think some pieces are definitely finished and to add is to take away. A truly finished piece might be one in a hundred but they are there for sure.

For readers who don’t know what her favorite too – the “cintiq” – is, it’s a drawing pad used with a special pen/stylus that connects to your computer. This allows you to draw and then use software like Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop (for example) to create a finished product to go to straight into production. is the manufacturer.

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