Celebration VI: EU Author Allston Lays Down Tracks

In his lecture “Laying Down Tracks,” Allston likens writing a novel to creating a polished musical recording in a studio. One at a time, a track of each different instrument and voice is captured and saved, then layered one on top of the other and meshed into harmonic excellence. He suggests that this process is transferable to writing a novel, and may in fact help you to write more efficiently or with greater speed.

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Mary Interviews Erica Heflin of GrayHaven Comics

FANgirl Blog recently turned a spotlight on the career of Erica Heflin, Editor and Writer for GrayHaven Comics. At GeekGirlCon 2012, she graciously sat down with our correspondent, Mary, to share her extraordinary enthusiasm for indie comics, developing writers, and discovering artists, as well as writing her own original stories.

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