Mary Interviews Erica Heflin of GrayHaven Comics

Interview conducted by Mary Sheridan

FANgirl Blog recently turned a spotlight on the career of Erica Heflin, Editor and Writer for GrayHaven Comics. At GeekGirlCon 2012, she graciously sat down with our correspondent, Mary, to share her extraordinary enthusiasm for indie comics, developing writers, and discovering artists, as well as writing her own original stories. Erica brings the core value of family and highly infectious energy to all of her projects.

GrayHaven recently published their first all-women anthology, The Gathering: And Nothing Less, which is also Erica’s first publication as Editor. In this issue (number twelve), you will find tales of humor and horror; happiness and angst; even dreams, fairytales, and dark drama. Every short comic is carefully drawn; stories and visuals are beautifully matched. Clearly, Erica has a natural eye for showcasing new creative talent.

If you have not yet read The Gathering: And Nothing Less, I recommend the book highly. It features an amazingly creative and diverse set of comics from women writers and artists for who publication in this anthology is only the beginning.

We are pleased to present this extended interview with Erica Heflin.

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