GeekGirlCon: Introducing the Star Wars Panelists

One week from today – on Saturday, August 11, at 12:30 p.m. Pacific – is the Star Wars panel I’m hosting at GeekGirlCon. Which means now’s a good time to introduce the panelists. Rather than just give some generic bios, though, I wanted to do something more interesting and fun. So I asked each of them a few questions to help explain why I invited them to be on the panel, and give a sense of the perspective they’ll bring to our discussion.

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GeekGirlCon Spotlight: Grayhaven Comics’ Erica Heflin

One of my favorite parts of GeekGirlCon last year was getting the chance to find new vendors and artists who spoke to my inner fangirl. I’ve been reading the Grayhaven Comics for a little over a year, and it’s amazing to see the process of storytellers breaking into the business. So I was very excited to learn Erica Heflin would be representing Grayhaven at GeekGirlCon.

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Aaron Allston Discusses Tyria Sarkin Tainer

When I was working on my Tyria Sarkin Tainer post for Suvudu, Aaron Allston generously offered his experience and author perspective on creating her character. Over at Suvudu you can find my thoughts on why Tyria is a compelling strong female character as well as the kick-ass artwork of her fighting alongside Jaina Solo. Luckily for me, and I think the fans too, Aaron had a lot to say – a whole post’s worth. Below are his insightful responses to a couple of questions I posed to him.

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