Racheal Ambrose – A Fangirl Lost

From her blog The Galactic Drift, posted last night by Racheal’s husband:

I just thought I should inform anyone who knows Racheal online, that she passed away this evening in a car accident at the fault of another.

She also had plans to go to Seattle to be on a panel at Geek Girl Con and just received a very special gift today that she never got to read.

Racheal, also known to many as FelsGoddess, was a longtime Star Wars fan and friend to many around the fandom. She was one of my earliest contributors here and ran her own blog. It had been one of the easiest choices to pick her for my GeekGirlCon panel discussing the female characters of the Star Wars Expanded Universe. Her special gift was the ARC to Mercy Kill, which she was so excited to read. I was preparing to announce the panelists next week, and Racheal had turned in a fabulous and funny bio.

Please say a prayer for Racheal, her husband, and their families.

Pink lightsaber image from TOR courtesy of Racheal Ambrose at TheGalacticDrift.com




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