Who Should Write Strong Female Heroines? Women Don’t Always Get It Right

Most definitely I hope to see more women in creative roles not just at DC, Marvel, Pixar, and Star Wars, but everywhere. At the same time, I want women capable of effectively creating characters and storylines that women can relate to, or this Spaceship to Gender Equality in Scifi and Fantasy will take us nowhere fast.

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Star Wars Tales From the Past Step Into the Future

Tomorrow the Star Wars Expanded Universe novels backlist goes digital, with over 100 titles being made available as ebooks. In the upcoming weeks, I’ll be highlighting books on that list that I’ve enjoyed as a Star Wars fan in a Summer Reading Roundup. I’ll also feature specific books from the backlist in my new series Looking for Strong Female Heroines, in which I’ll suggest story arcs that will fill your fangirl cravings for heroine-centric tales.

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Do Franchises Need Traditional Publishing Houses?

Harry Potter fans might be a little disappointed that Pottermore isn’t more Harry Potter books, but I bet franchises are watching with carefully. This is the first major franchise to take the big step away from the traditional publishing houses to self-publish. With the upcoming changes in the editorial leadership at Lucasfilm, I’ve been wondering if Star Wars might be considering the same bold leap away from Del Rey.

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