“Wynter”: Cheering for a New Scifi Comics Heroine

Review by Mary Sheridan

Two words:  Blown Away.

“Wynter” is a new monthly comic book series from New Worlds Comics, with writer Guy Hasson and artist Aron Elekes. It’s a must-read for fans of SciFi and dystopian stories plus one of our top favorite themes here at FANgirl: strong female characters.

Protagonist Liz Wynter is the right mix of youth and maturity to appeal to a wide demographic. Teens will understand the 17-year-old, and the complexity of her situation as she approaches adulthood will also capture the interest of adult readers.

Wynter lives in a complex society that reflects so many current popular and relevant themes including a fresh take on a dystopian future and the dangerous potential for technological advancements. The world-building is layered and fascinating, incorporating mature themes without making them blatantly gratuitous. The parts all fit together. Volumes 1 and 2 pass my personal litmus test with flying colors because they left me wanting more.

The artwork in the “Wynter” series is superb. Its edgy feel is a perfect fit for the story being told. In fact, the combination of story and visuals come together with the feel of a cross-section of movies from Blade Runner to Terminator to Divergent.

There is no higher compliment than to say first, the next issue can’t be released soon enough, and second, I really care about what happens to Liz Wynter.

It’s a thrill to root for another new female heroine in scifi.


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