Star Wars: Legacy Returns

Click over to Comic Book Resources for full issue #1 cover art.

Yesterday Comic Book Resources exclusively broke the news that Dark Horse is reviving the fan-favorite Legacy comics for a new run starting next year. The new series will be co-written by Corinna Bechko and Gabriel Hardman, with art by Hardman. The initial announcement contained no real specifics, but it did make one big reveal: “the series lead will be a young woman who is the great-granddaughter of original movie characters Han Solo and Leia Organa!” Click over to CBR for the full-size image of the issue #1 cover art, with her in the center.

Later in the day, Randy Stradley confirmed that, like the original, the revived Legacy will be an ongoing series. So we finally know the last unrevealed Dark Horse Star Wars title teased at Celebration VI in August.

Needless to say, I’m thrilled by this news. Legacy is one of my favorite Expanded Universe stories of all time. John Ostrander and Jan Duursema told great tales from start to finish; the final arc, Legacy: War, gave the 56-issue run an incredible conclusion. I’m delighted to see another female creator in the mix. Add in a Solo-Skywalker as the lead protagonist, artwork that is powerful yet doesn’t rely on overt sexuality, and the new Star Wars comic by Brian Wood that will feature Leia as an X-wing pilot, and I’d say Dark Horse is aggressively responding to fan interest in strong female characters.

It’s much too early to speculate in any real depth about how the new Legacy relates to the upcoming Sequel Trilogy films, given how little we know about either project. But it seems counter-intuitive for Lucasfilm to give approval for the launch of a new ongoing story that is inevitably doomed to be swept into the canon-overwriting dustbin in two year’s time. So perhaps, even if only obliquely, this news might give a little cause for optimism that the relationship between the prior Expanded Universe and the Sequel Trilogy could turn out to be something quite a bit less than the worst-case scenario for longtime EU fans.

Regardless, in the meantime I’m more than happy to be excited at the change to get to read more new Legacy.

Update: On the CBR boards Hardman said there will be more details revealed soon in an interview. (Thanks to user mesjarch for pointing that out.)



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