Zahn’s Choices of One in Paperback

Today marks the publication of the paperback edition of Timothy Zahn’s most recent Star Wars novel, Choices of One. It has the distinction of becoming one of the few Expanded Universe books to receive a new cover for the paperback release, and it’s one that definitely makes an impression. If you missed it, be sure to check out EUCantina’s recent interview with Del Rey art director Scott Biel, which mentions the design of the new cover.

And if you haven’t read the novel, you should really consider it. Set between A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back, the story features highly popular EU character Mara Jade in her days as the Emperor’s Hand, as well as Luke, Han, and Leia struggling to keep the Rebellion afloat against the Empire’s ruthless pursuit. Zahn’s other signature EU character, Grand Admiral Thrawn, also appears. The only hitch might be that Choices of One is a sequel to Zahn’s earlier novel Allegiance – but as Eric Geller recently discussed on Suvudu, that book makes a great gateway point to the EU for new readers, so you can easily jump right in with these two books together. Also be sure not to miss the exclusive art from Chris Scalf included with Eric’s post.

The FANgirl Blog review gives Choices of One a 9/10, so you’re in for a treat.



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  • Joanne

    I would get rid of my hardcover and buy the paperback if I didn’t have a signed copy. Oh well, the slipcover has been in the trash since the day I brought it home.

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