Star Wars Catchup

After a long day of traveling literally from one corner of the continental United States to the other – Seattle to South Florida – I’m catching up on the Star Wars news I missed while I was geeking out with my fellow fangirls at Geek Girl Con.

About halfway between the endpoints of my trip, Fan Days took place in Irving, Texas, this past weekend. I’m still catching up on the tweets and updates, but Lex made sure I saw this one from Aaron Goins right away:

Catherine Taber says she wants to play Jaina Solo. “I’ve played Leia and Padme now I want to play Jaina”

Even if no videogame or animated series voiceover for Jaina is anywhere near being in the works, it always brings a smile to my face to see my favorite SFH getting a shout-out from someone on the Lucasfilm side.

Also at Fan Days, Aaron Allston and Timothy Zahn held a Q&A panel with fans. Huge thanks to Eric Geller and the guys at the Forcecast for recording the panel and posting the video on their YouTube channel. From what we’ve seen in the tweets, there look to be some… interesting comments from them about some of the recent EU books. (And it sounds like I still have some convincing to do to bring Tim around on Luke’s fate.) Most of all, though, the rapport between these two EU icons is always amazing to watch, so be sure to give it a viewing.

Speaking of Tim, if you’re in Florida you may want to try to catch him at one of his three book signing events later this week, in Orlando (at Disney World), St. Peterburg, and Sarasota.

Yesterday evening, Troy Denning posted this on his Facebook wall:

Just turned Fate of the Jedi #9: Apocalypse. (154,000 words, for those who are interested). Book number 11 in the Galaxy Far, Far Away for me . . . what fun I have had!

Denning has a lot to wrap up in this book, so the word count certainly makes sense.

The Official Star Wars Blog recently posted interviews with the creators of several upcoming EU non-fiction releases. The follow-up volume to the very cool Star Wars Art: Visions tome, Star Wars Art: Comics went on sale October 1st, and the blog provided interview with Executive Editor J.W. Rinzler and artist Carlos Garzon. The Complete Vader, by Ryder Windham and Pete Vilmur, goes on sale October 18.

New York Comic-Con is this coming weekend. As promised at San Diego Comic-Con, we’re expecting to hear more about Dark Horse’s upcoming Star Wars comics; there could be a reveal or two at the Del Rey panel, as well.



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