Star Wars Rumors and Zahn Talks X-Wing

A lot more Star Wars movie rumors have swirled around the past couple of days. ClubJade, as always, does a good job of distilling the insanity. I’m sticking with the commentary.

On Yoda – I can’t say it any better than Marc Bernadin at The Hollywood Reporter:

Listen, I was including myself in the “everybody” above: Yoda is a great character. He was the first teacher I ever really liked. But I know everything about Yoda that I want to. I don’t want to know where he was born, nor do I want to know how he got to be the greatest Jedi ever. (Or any of his past romantic entanglements.) In the stories I love, I don’t want every blank filled in. I want to know there is a history, but I don’t need to know every page of it.

When you start looking for answers to questions that nobody asked, you get midichlorians. And we all know how that ended.

On Boba Fett – If it’s true, I know a lot of friends and some nephews who will be very happy, and I’ll be happy for them. Star Wars has always been about heroes to me, so an anti-hero movie doesn’t get my fangirl heart pumping.

On Han Solo – I think this could be really interesting if it’s not Han the Smuggler. There are seeds of his backstory, specifically his days in the Imperial Academy and how he turns his back on the Empire, that have great potential. Even more interesting would be the prospect to show his rivalry with Imperial Badass Soontir Fel, whose son grew up to become Han’s daughter’s love interest.

Immediately following the Episode VII opening scroll, two next-gen X-wings dart through alien-invader warships attacking Coruscant, mirroring the opening sequence of Revenge of the Sith. They are piloted by New Republic heroes Luke Skywalker and Jaina Solo. Suddenly Imperial Star Destroyers drop out of hyperspace, deploying squadrons of weird-looking TIE Fighters.*

The Imperial fighters close, and an alien fighter locks onto pursuit of one X-wing.

JAINA: I have a bad feeling about this.

Instead of attacking the erstwhile Rebels, the Imperial fighter blasts the alien ship to smithereens.

JAGGED: We’re the Empire, and we’re here to rescue you.

[* I’m just getting it out there now: If Star Wars doesn’t put clawcraft on the big screen, I have two words – wasted potential.]

A Han backstory movie with Soontir Fel as a rival also could tie into an X-Wing television series or movie. Interestingly enough, Timothy Zahn brought up that idea in his interview with yesterday:

If we’re going post-Jedi era I would frankly like to see Wedge put together Rogue Squadron. I think you could have a whole series of Rogue Squadron movies that would be great. Wedge is peripheral, but he is very popular and rightfully so. Who else helps take out two Death Stars? You could even do an X-Wing TV show focused on Rogue Squadron that, just like the books, would be peripheral to the main Skywalker-Solo saga. That means you could introduce a lot of new characters anchored by Wedge. You could make wonderful stuff out of the X-Wing books.

I’ve been hoping for an X-Wing serial since there were first hints of a live-action series. If there is anything Fel related, someone better queue up the line – because I know some fangirls who need to start camping out.

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