November 2012 Preview

Lex here with this month’s preview. As Tricia discussed last year, the purpose of the previews is as much to set the blog’s monthly goals as to give readers a peek at the weeks ahead. November is National Novel Writing Month, and Tricia has committed all her writing time to finalizing her novel Wynde. The team of FANgirl contributors and I will do our best to keep the blog rolling while she’s away, and we already have a few things in mind for this month.

Disney, Star Wars, and Episode VII – The biggest Star Wars news in fifteen years broke on October 30, so of course we’ll have more reaction to the news of Lucasfilm’s acquisition by The Walt Disney Company, and maybe also some speculation on what the future holds for the Star Wars brand, the Expanded Universe, and the Sequel Trilogy.

Reviews – With more new Season Five episodes on the way in November, Megan continues her weekly The Clone Wars reviews. Linda reviews of Drew Karpyshyn’s newest EU novel, The Old Republic: Annihilation.

Interviews – Linda also had the opportunity to interview Karpyshyn at Celebration VI, so look for that the week before the review. Mary and Kay are running the show on the Fel Roundtable.

Here are a few of the other things we’re looking forward to in November:

New Star Wars Books

  • The Old Republic: Annihilation – November 13th
  • Star Wars and History – November 13th

New Star Wars Comics

  • Agent of the Empire: Hard Targets #2 – November 21st
  • Dawn of the Jedi: Prisoner of Bogan #1 – November 28th

New Movies

  • Wreck-It Ralph – November 2nd
  • Skyfall – November 9th
  • Lincoln – November 9th
  • Red Dawn – November 21st

New Releases on DVD

  • The Amazing Spider-Man – November 6th
  • Brave – November 13th
  • The Expendables 2 – November 20th
  • Men in Black 3 – November 30th