“What?” About Business – Applying Business Principles To A Dream

If you’re interested in improving an existing business or even starting a new business, I’m going to talk about some of the techniques I have used to become a successful engineer, and then how I plan on applying them to my new passion – getting my first book published and topping that off with successful sales. . . . → Read More: “What?” About Business – Applying Business Principles To A Dream

SEEKING SFH (STRONG FEMALE HEROINE) – Jaina Solo in the New Jedi Order


Seeking SFH is a new series at FANgirl Blog meant to highlight stories with strong female heroines. . . . → Read More: SEEKING SFH (STRONG FEMALE HEROINE) – Jaina Solo in the New Jedi Order

She’s a PMSing Bitch

In discussing the first character in my new Seeking Strong Female Heroines series, I realized this topic was going to come up over and over. Who hasn’t heard the accusation in this blog’s title? . . . → Read More: She’s a PMSing Bitch

Star Wars Tales From the Past Step Into the Future

Tomorrow the Star Wars Expanded Universe novels backlist goes digital, with over 100 titles being made available as ebooks. In the upcoming weeks, I’ll be highlighting books on that list that I’ve enjoyed as a Star Wars fan in a Summer Reading Roundup. I’ll also feature specific books from the backlist in my new series Looking for Strong Female Heroines, in which I’ll suggest story arcs that will fill your fangirl cravings for heroine-centric tales. . . . → Read More: Star Wars Tales From the Past Step Into the Future

Do Franchises Need Traditional Publishing Houses?

Star Wars: Fate of the Jedi: Ascension by Christie Golden

Harry Potter fans might be a little disappointed that Pottermore isn’t more Harry Potter books, but I bet franchises are watching with carefully. This is the first major franchise to take the big step away from the traditional publishing houses to self-publish. With the upcoming changes in the editorial leadership at Lucasfilm, I’ve been wondering if Star Wars might be considering the same bold leap away from Del Rey. . . . → Read More: Do Franchises Need Traditional Publishing Houses?

Can Luke Skywalker Avoid Character Apocalypse? Follow-up to Luke Skywalker Must Die

In May, my blog post Luke Skywalker Must Die generated a lot of discussion within the fandom, and even caught the attention of the guys on the ForceCast. Remarkably, although there were varying opinions on whether Luke should stay or go, for the most part people agreed with my sentiment that both Luke and the post-Return of the Jedi Expanded Universe novels are stuck in a rut – and that to get out of that rut some things have to change, including how Luke’s character is used.

Since then, the cover of the final book in the Fate of the Jedi series has been revealed, and guess who was on it? Granted, as I stated before, I don’t take issue with Luke being on the cover of the last book in a series premised around the Luke/Ben odyssey. But I think it’s fair to ask why Luke had to be on four covers (three front, one back) when there are so many other great characters landing on the Dramatis Personae time and again and yet not getting covers.

As a longtime fan, I keep going back to the Fictional Frontiers interview where Shelly Shapiro, Del Rey’s Star Wars editor, noted that she doesn’t do market research and produces books she likes. It’s obvious she likes Luke, as do most other Star Wars fans, but it is possible to have too much of a good thing. Nothing highlights this more than the fan reaction to the cover of Apocalypse. It should . . . → Read More: Can Luke Skywalker Avoid Character Apocalypse? Follow-up to Luke Skywalker Must Die

Geek Creds – Who’s Got Them?

So the question of the week is – If you use lots of tokens in the looks line in heaven before making your way onto this Earth, does that mean you can’t have any tokens left to cash in for geekiness?

With Miss USA’s declaration that she’s a “geek” the discussion of beauty and the geek has only swelled from where it was just last week when the Oh, You Sexy Geek! panel was announced. Action Flick Chick’s been compiling the feedback to her Fake Fangirl Friday (#FFF) on Twitter, and she highlights the numerous discussions and blogs that have popped up concerning whether attractiveness should even weigh into the equation when talking about geek or nerd credibility.

This was my response on her site –

Considering that for years many geeks/nerds identified themselves as people who were excluded and even mocked by certain people, like the popular kids or mean girls or the cool dudes, this whole notion that an attractive woman has to prove her geek creds or she can’t truly be a geek reeks of hypocrisy. Those people believe Miss USA hasn’t felt their – as you say – “pain of exclusion” and I’d bet that is the farthest from the truth. Everyone experiences that type of isolation in life, and geeks who want to exclude other people from geekdom for any reason need to take a hard look at themselves.

And truly, when is the last time anyone has seen a man’s geek creds been called . . . → Read More: Geek Creds – Who’s Got Them?

REVIEW: Super 8

Super 8

Luckily for movie-goers, there are a lot of scifi and fantasy choices in theaters this summer. In fact, there have been quite a few good movies, but among this delightful summer fare Super 8 sets itself apart. For this review, I’m going to give it the highest recommendation: if you can only pick one movie to see in the next couple of months, Super 8 should be it. . . . → Read More: REVIEW: Super 8

Happy Day for FatherGeeks Everywhere!


This FANgirl wishes her dad a big huge virtual hug on Father’s Day. . . . → Read More: Happy Day for FatherGeeks Everywhere!

Sexy Geeks and other Convention News


A fangirl convention update, including information on San Diego Comic Con and Geek Girl Con. . . . → Read More: Sexy Geeks and other Convention News