Zombies Take Over The Clone Wars

This past week’s episode of The Clone Wars, “Massacre,” truly turned up the fantastical element, reminding fans that Star Wars was envisioned as a space opera and not necessarily a work of pure science fiction.

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The Magic of Star Wars – A Sith Witch and the Nightsisters Take Center Stage

Ever since Uncle Owen dismissed Kenobi as a crazy old wizard and Tarkin discounted Darth Vader’s mastery of the ways of the Force as an anachronistic ancient religion, Star Wars has drawn just as heavily on elements of magical fantasy stories as the physical trappings of science fiction. Mind control, telekinesis, clairvoyance, and summoned lightning came to define the Jedi and Sith as much as their lightsabers. With good and evil mages duking it out for the fate of the galaxy, it was only a matter of time before another iconic figure made her way into Star Wars, as well – the witch.

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