Star Wars: The Old Republic For Noobies

I’ve mentioned previously that I’m not a videogame person. Handheld, console, MMO, they’re really just not my thing. Ever since I attended Bioware’s panel on Star Wars: The Old Republic at San Diego Comic-Con last July, though, I’ve been intrigued enough to keep paying attention to the news about the game. So I asked Racheal Ambrose, who wrote a guest blog a few months back about gaming and who’s been blogging updates on her experiences playing TOR, to help me write an introduction to the basics of the game for noobies like me.

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Surprises and Synergy in the Star Wars Fandom

Remember when I talked about liking the unexpected in my 2012 look-ahead blog? Well, it’s just a little bit past the middle of January, and I’ve already had a few of my wishes granted. Some I can’t talk about yet, but one I’d better let out of the bag because it’s happening tomorrow – I’m back on the Clone Wars Roundtable with Jason and Jimmy Mac from the ForceCast!

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The Life and Death of Padmé – Without Lore, Is It Just Lipservice for the Leading Lady of Star Wars?

The reception of Darth Plagueis serves to illustrate one of the ways the EU can be used effectively to reach a broad range of fans, including those who aren’t necessarily EU-focused but would be interested in movie-focused stories. The still underdeveloped backstories of the saga’s two female leads, Padmé Amidala and Leia Organa, provide the perfect opportunity to bring depth to the EU lore while also tapping into the interests of female fans.

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