Aaron Allston Discusses Tyria Sarkin Tainer

When I was working on my Tyria Sarkin Tainer post for Suvudu, Aaron Allston generously offered his experience and author perspective on creating her character. Over at Suvudu you can find my thoughts on why Tyria is a compelling strong female character as well as the kick-ass artwork of her fighting alongside Jaina Solo. Luckily for me, and I think the fans too, Aaron had a lot to say – a whole post’s worth. Below are his insightful responses to a couple of questions I posed to him.

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Previewing Disney’s Star Wars Weekends 2012

Walt Disney World is famously known as the most magical place on Earth. Combine that with celebrating the greatest story of our generation, and you’ve topped every other perfect pairing. Peanut butter and jelly, strawberries and cream, milk and cookies – they all pale in comparison to Disney and Star Wars, at least in this fangirl’s estimation.

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The Heroine’s Journey: How Campbell’s Model Doesn’t Fit

Why isn’t the existing Hero’s Journey model already good enough to use for heroine-centered stories? In this post, we address the three main problems we see in Joseph Campbell’s monomyth and its impact on storytelling, and how we hope to design the Heroine’s Journey model differently to avoid them.

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