Rebel Starfighters Owners’ Workshop Manual Review

The team of Ryder Windham, Chris Reiff, and Chris Trevas is back at it again with another round of the Haynes Owners’ Workshop Manual for the Star Wars set. After covering TIE fighters and the Millennium Falcon, this time we’re looking at rebel starfighters.

Rebel Starfighters Owners' Workshop Manual Cover
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Star Wars: Rebel Starfighters Owners’ Workshop Manual is very similar to the previous two entries in that its sharing info on the in-universe development and specs of Star Wars ships presented with quotes, video transcripts, and other communiques that all feel like they could be the start of their own tangential stories. But while the previous two essentially had several models of the same ship to discuss, Rebel Starfighters looks at the five different model starfighters used by the Rebel Alliance and Resistance fleets.

Imagery from movies, animated shows, and new illustrations blend together pretty well in an overall fairly technical book that is obviously ideal for Star Wars fans who consider themselves fleet junkies or just anyone who has wanted to fly one of these ships. You won’t get the info to repair one of them through this manual, but it’s still a lot more than what they usually have time to get into in movies and often TV.

What’s more though is Rebel Starfighter Owners’ Workshop Manual can be a great resource for fans who interact with the galaxy through their own creative works. Fan fiction writers and fan artists can benefit from getting multi-angle visuals of these ships as well as specs, controls layouts, and the pros and cons of the ship types.

Like the stories of Star Wars the starfighters included build on the framework of what came before them. And that leads to a rather inclusive tale of various Star Wars time periods explored so far. Beyond that this Owners’ Workshop Manual is telling the story of these two rebellions and their ingenuity with limited resources.

Rebel Starfighters isn’t going to be of interest to every Star Wars fans, but for those who enjoy the speed of the A-wing, the firepower of a B-wing, the transport capabilities of the U-wing, the durability of a Y-wing, or the maneuverability of a X-wing – this is something to consider adding to your shelves.

Star Wars: Rebel Starfighters Owners’ Workshop Manual is out now from Insight Editions in hardcover format.

The publisher provided FANgirl with a copy of the book for review. As usual opinions are my own.

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