Sharing Star Wars: Kat

I met the Lady Rogues at Star Wars Weekends last year, and we caught up again at Celebration VI. Kat graciously agreed to contribute to our Sharing Star Wars series.

When did you first discover Star Wars?

I’m pretty sure it all began when I was about nine or ten because my older brother was teasing me for not having seen any “good” movies in my lifetime. So, we had three very special family movie nights and the rest is history.

What parts of Star Wars stories have you experienced? (such as books, comics, games, movies, television show)

I can’t say I’ve read all the books, but I’ve been trying my best to stay caught up. I’ve read a handful of the comics over time. The last Star Wars game I played was Podracing and Rogue Squadron from the N64, and I assure you I was terrible at both. I’ve seen all the movies and the Holiday Special multiple times. I love The Clone Wars, and I’m very sad it’s ending.

How do you share your passion for Star Wars? (such as message boards, conventions, fan fiction, fan art, cosplay)

I used to roleplay on message boards when I was a young kid, but now I stick mostly to conventions and cosplay.

List the first five words that come to mind when you hear “Star Wars.”

Luke. I. Am. Your. Father.

List your six favorite stories in Star Wars in any medium or format, and tell why they made your list.

There aren’t in any particular order but here we go:

* The Mortis Arc of The Clone Wars. Somehow Anakin has wormed his way onto my favorite character list, and I loved the choices he was forced to make in the Mortis Arc.

* Wraith Squadron. This is actually my most read Star Wars novel, and it’s because Aaron Allston is amazing. It’s serious and humorous, and it made me fall in love with X-wing pilots.

* The Truce at Bakura. I love what Luke goes through a lot between falling for Gaeriel, trying to save Dev, and fighting the Ssi-ruuk. I also love that Leia comes to terms with Vader as her father.

* Rogue Squadron. As in the game. I just loved watching my brother play through it, and I got to be his imaginary copilot.

* The Empire Strikes Back. It’s my favorite movie. Luke’s my favorite character, and this is a serious character builder for him.

* Destiny’s Way. This is the book where Jaina learns her true potential.

List your six favorite characters, and tell why they made your list.

* Luke Skywalker. He’s everything you want in a hero and he’s been my favorite since I was a little girl. I love him so much that this entire list could just be Luke Skywalker.

* Jaina Solo. We watched her grow up through the books, and when I was growing up myself it was easy to identify with her. She’s gone through so much and come out on the other side as a stronger woman. Any girl could look up to her. And besides! She reminds me of my best friend Jesse.

* Obi-Wan Kenobi. He’s skill and snark. He’s a talented Jedi Master without the stuffy old attitude some of them get.

* Ahsoka. This is a double one. I love Ahsoka for being a strong girl character, and I love Ahsoka for bringing Ashley Eckstein and Her Universe to their destiny.

* Anakin Skywalker. I’m going to be specific with this. I didn’t much care for Anakin in the prequels, but it’s Matt Lanter’s terrific work on The Clone Wars that made me love and feel for Anakin. There is so much depth there.

* R2-D2. He’s everyone’s favorite droid! I love that he’s gone through everything without a memory wipe. That’s impressive!

Name five items you have that show your Star Wars pride. (such as collectibles, shirts, art)

* I have one of those posters that looks like it’s been painted that hangs in a spot of pride above our TV. I really don’t know what to call it. I guess it’s a painting!

* I have a signed lightsaber in our office from Star Wars Weekends.

* I have two shirts by Her Universe that I love.

* I think my Rogue Squadron dress definitely shows my pride! Yay cosplay!

* And last but not least is the autograph I have of Mark Hamill. It says ‘To Elizabeth, Love Mark Hamill.’

List the five best moments from your experience of being a Star Wars fan. (such as a scene read or watched, meeting with a VIP, a panel at a convention)

* When I was thirteen and wrote the most ridiculous letter to Mark Hamill, and he actually signed the piece of paper I sent and sent it back in time for my birthday!

* When we didn’t think we were going to manage to meet James Arnold Taylor for a second year in a row, but he stayed after one of his shows to see us. I needed that hug!

* When Ashley invited us to the Cupcake Party at Celebration VI! That was an amazing moment!

* When we actually got to go to C-VI as a group and eat the cupcakes! Everyone loved our dresses and it was such a fulfilling moment for the Lady Rogues.

* When we got our picture with Mark Hamill. I’d dreamed of meeting him since I was a little girl. I was so nervous and I totally teared up in line. The girls let me stand at his side and I had to pretty much force myself not to have a heart attack when he put his arm around us and said something nice. As we turned to go he turned to look at us and say thank you, and he reached out and shook my hand. I’m pretty sure he had some sixth sense that I was that kid that wrote him a crazy letter once. I know for sure that he knew how important that moment was for me. There isn’t much that can top this one.



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