Karen Miller Discusses Star Wars Fandom, Feminism, and Writing

This morning Liz Bourke of Tor.com posted a lengthy interview with author Karen Miller, who wrote three Star Wars novels published in 2008 and 2010 tying into the first two seasons of The Clone Wars animated series. Miller discusses her writing, feminism, and the state of genre publishing in Australia and the U.K. compared to the United States. The interview is insightful and is definitely worth a read in its entirety, but I found some of her comments about Star Wars and its fandom particularly compelling.

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Silver Linings and Moving Forward – Fangirls Find Their Voices

Over the last five days shock, anger, and disgust have been the predominant fandom emotions for many Expanded Universe fans, especially women. The silver lining is that airing the dirty laundry can become a positive point of change when it provides momentum for moving forward.

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Seeking SFH: The Women of The Good Wife

Based on the initial premise set out in its earliest episodes, The Good Wife might not have seemed a likely source for multiple strong female heroines. But few shows on television have as many strong female characters as The Good Wife, especially not characters who serve others like the women of Lockhart Gardner.

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