March’s Strong Females – By the Numbers

A few months back, when talking publicity strategy and planning for the blog, I predicted March would be a big month. I already knew Fate of the Jedi: Apocalypse had given the female characters some opportunities to really shine and I anticipated that the theatrical release of The Hunger Games would prove to be a game changer. There’s actually a lot to digest from this past weekend, so how about just the numbers for now.

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Stories from a Certain Point of View

A young hero from a desolate and isolated region, torn from that life by the evil machinations of an oppressive regime, mentored by a wise-yet-weary warrior, forced into new alliances and a rebellion, a singular life-defining shot that hits its mark… I bet you thought I was talking about Star Wars.

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Star Wars, The Hunger Games, and the Storytelling Power of Thematic Resonance

Good stories always have great characters. The great stories always have something more. What sets them apart are themes that resonate deeply with the reader, viewer, or audience. Great stories don’t just entertain – they make us think, challenge our assumptions or beliefs, or inspire us to do great things ourselves.

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