Fangirls Going Rogue Talk Magic Hands For The Mandalorian

In our news section, rumors of the Disney+ Kenobi show being cancelled were squashed then confirmed. We discuss The Rise of Skywalker box office; Is Forbes’ correct that Star Wars has lost momentum?

Where Star Wars has momentum: The Mandalorian. Tricia, Teresa, and Sarah finally get a chance to talk about the full season. Magic hands

Also in this episode, highlights from The Rise of Resistance grand opening at Disneyland and a character discussion focused on Rose Tico.

As said on our @FGGoingRogue discussion tonight. If you haven’t watched #StarWarsResistance this season, just watch Episode 2.8 and 2.17. Venisa Doza is #StarWars content I live for. — Tricia Barr ? Love and Thunder (@fangirlcantina) January 21, 2020


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