Discussing the Fandoms We Can’t Seem To Quit on Nerd Lunch Fourth Chair Army Invasion

There are different levels of being a fan of something. And sometimes when we love a story concept, we feel pulled to embrace it in all forms no matter what. In this Fourth Chair Army Invasion episode of the Nerd Lunch podcast Kay joins Michael May (Kill All Monsters, Mystery Movie Night, and many more podcasts) and Christian Nielsen (Pop Culture Retrofit) in a discussion of some of the pop culture storytelling that has reeled us in over the years.

What is it about these concepts that we love? What have been the highs and lows of our devotion to consuming the story? Why do we feel the need to check out versions of it that normally wouldn’t seem appealing?

It’s a therapeutic episode (at least for the panelists) where we each bring to the table something we’re a fan of but refuse to quit on as well as pop culture entries we used to have that level of devotion to but have found ways to make peace with not consuming in all forms and even let go of.

Fourth Chair Army Invasion is a new-ish show on the Nerd Lunch podcast feed where previous guests of the Nerd Lunch main show join together to discuss a topic. You can listen to Fourth Chair Army Invasion 14 – I Can’t Quit You  right here below or on iTunesStitcherGoogle Play, and Libsyn.

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