Kay and Nerd Lunch Visit Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade

Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade Theatrical Poster
a movie poster artifact

The Indiana Jones Nerd Lunch panel is back in the saddle with a look at the third film in the series: Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade. Listen in as CT, Pax, Jeeg, Todd, and I discuss River Phoenix/Young Indy, Ford-Connery chemistry, and the difference an Elsa makes.

Pax is providing the novelization info this time and I share what I’ve learned about the making of the film. We also talk a bit about the echoes of Raiders of the Lost Ark that show up is this story.

And although we don’t address it directly in the podcast, it kind of reminds me of a certain relationship between a certain older Star Wars movie and a certain newer Star Wars movie. See if you can figure out which ones.

Nerd Lunch Episode 252 Last Crusade Drill Down is available on iTunes, Stitcher, and Libsyn as well as embedded below.

And in case you missed it, in-between Indiana Jones episodes, I was also featured in the Nerd Lunch 250th episode sitcom-style celebration. Congrats to the guys for making it to the 250-podcast-episode mark and thanks for letting Pax and I pay tribute to our mutual love of jackets worn in movies.

Nerd Lunch 4th Chair ArmyLearn more about and listen to previous episodes of Nerd Lunch I’ve been on or hosted. And be sure to check out our Raiders of the Lost Ark drilldown as well as Temple of Doom.  Thanks for choosing wisely and tuning in. 



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