Kay on Nerd HQ SDCC Coverage

Still trying to catch up on San Diego Comic-Con? Contributor Kay has been Tweeting about the convention coverage from the uncrowded venue of her couch – #notSDCC. You can follow her at @Geek_Kay. She enjoyed the Nerd HQ coverage so I asked her to pass along her favorites.

Many of these panels had great stories of people who worked hard to create something and are so grateful for the opportunities they’ve had. Every time I tuned in to their live feed, even if it was only for ten minutes, it was a ray of sunshine.

We’ve embedded some panels and linked others for your viewing pleasure.

Conversation with Tom Hiddleston: Serious. Funny. Velociraptor impressions.

JPL Conversation with Bobak Ferdowsi & Friends:  I may have re-teared up while watching the recap video of the Curiosity landing. Maybe not as funny as the others, but this video packs in so much science nerdiness and talk about creativity. It’s really interesting that they work with older technology just due to the fact that it takes so long to get these projects ready. Bobak comments that a lot of people’s phones in the room have better processing capabilities than Curiosity.

Conversation with Thrilling Adventure Hour:  This is a podcast in the style of old-time radio. Lots of panelists! They talk about their nerd passions right towards the beginning. The writers said they learned to write from watching The West Wing and Buffy.

Conversation with Evangeline Lilly:

Around the 27-minute mark an English professor says he’s done presentations and papers on Tolkein but talks about both wanting to see more Tolkein and a wonderfully strong female character. Even though it’s not what Tolkein wrote, he’s very excited to see Lilly’s new character and hear about the process of creating the character. His mini-speech and her reaction to it are definitely the strongest part of the whole interview.

Conversation with Zachary Levi:  Toward the end he gives a speech about Nerd HQ and thanking people. It’s just super sweet, and restores your faith in humanity if you need it.

Kay grew up wanting to be an astronaut. After seeing Star Wars, she wanted to be Princess Leia, Han Solo, and an astronaut. Life’s taken her on a bit of a different path for now, but she’s still a Star Wars fangirl at heart who enjoys surprising people with how geeky she really is. Currently a photographer who also specializes in communications and marketing, Kay spends her free time reading, cooking, writing, learning and, of course, making pew pew noises. You can follow her on Twitter.



She grew up wanting to be an astronaut. After seeing Star Wars, she wanted to be Princess Leia, Han Solo, and an astronaut. Life’s taken her on a bit of a different path, but she’s okay with that. Kay is FANgirl's resident geek fashion expert and co-host of the Hyperspace Theories podcast. She reviews books and movies for the site with a heart for storytelling and a mind that likes to analyze. Kay's been a guest on various podcasts sharing her love and knowledge of storytelling, film-making, fashion, and of course, Star Wars. Most days are filled with her work as a creative services professional - designing websites & branding, photographing, voice acting, editing, and more. Kay spends the little bit of free time she has reading, costuming, and, of course, making pew pew noises. She would pick up more jobs and hobbies if she was a Time Lord.