Valentine’s Day Genre-Style 2013

For the last few years, Suvudu has celebrated the romance of Star Wars on Valentine’s Day. In 2011, artist Chris Trevas added stunning Luke and Mara art to accompany the short story “Star Wars: Judge’s Call” by Timothy Zahn. Last year, I talked about some of the best kisses from the Star Wars universe, and Trevas topped his previous year’s piece by capturing a fan-favorite moment from Rebel Dream. Erich Schoeneweiss, Trevas, and I have been throwing around ideas for Valentine’s Day 2013 for months. One of my early thoughts was to highlight power couples in Star Wars. Then a few weeks ago, George Lucas and Mellody Hobson announced their engagement, and it felt like a sign from the Force.

For the purpose of defining power couples in Star Wars, Lucas and Hobson are the gold standard: openly committed to one another, with positions of power in their respective careers, and striving to make the world a better place. Leadership and community service both require sacrificing time with loved ones. As with the ways of the Force, power couples are all about balance.

Over at Suvudu, I consider some of my favorite power couples in Star Wars. It includes exclusive artwork by Chris Trevas of fan favorite Wedge Antilles and Iella Wessiri from Starfighter of Adumar. So definitely check it out!

Over the day, we’ll compile other Valentine’s Day inspired posts from around the web. So be sure to check back!

  • Lucasfilm editor Jennifer Heddle explains why Han and Leia are perfect together at the Star Wars Blog.
  • Jill Pantozzi considers long lasting comic book pairings at IGN in Hey, That’s My Cape: Long Lasting Comic Book Love.
  • Rob Bricken spotlights the 7 Greatest Bromances at io9.
  • Nerdalicious spotlighted the coolest Star Wars wedding cake ever. The groom is Chris Wyman from Rebelscum and co-host of Jedi Journals.
  • Need a Star Wars Valentine’s E-card? has got you covered.
  • Maria Selke’s Thursday Star Wars Fandom post featured Love Lessons.
  • Yesterday I reviewed The Best of All Possible Worlds. It’s science fiction blended with romance. Its style and the story are reminiscent of Star Trek. So for all those Spock fangirls, this is the book for you.
  • The Full of Sith podcast tweeted a Valentine’s to their followers.
  • Bonnie Burton, wearing the new Her Universe Star Wars quote tee, professed her love for R2-D2 and explored the many romances of Star Wars in this fun video. Love the pink Imperial and Rebel logos in the background.
  • Cat Taber tweeted Valentine’s wishes to Star Wars fans. I thought the background and the image were worth the share.

Tricia Barr admits that when she first met Chris Trevas, she was only able to mutely point at her phone’s wallpaper – a close up of last year’s Jaina and Jag first kiss artwork. She did manage to put together a few coherent sentences after the fact to coordinate this post. You can follow Chris Trevas at his website or on Facebook. Many thanks to Erich Schoeneweiss at Del Rey who coordinates the approvals through Lucasfilm. You can follow Tricia on her website FANgirl or on Twitter. If you like romance and power couples in your science fiction and fantasy, be sure to check out details of Tricia’s upcoming novel Wynde.



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