REVIEW: Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Missing in Action

The Clone Wars has returned from its brief holiday break, and so has Megan with her reviews. This week’s episode, “Missing in Action,” continues the droid arc. Megan writes:

Regardless of mixed reviews, everyone can agree that last week’s episode of The Clone Wars was unusual. “Missing In Action” returns to form while adding Gregor, a clone trooper reminiscent of the lost Cut from the Season Two episode “The Deserter” with one important difference – Cut’s exile was voluntary. Dee Bradley Baker gives Gregor a versatile voice, but on the whole “Missing In Action” is not a particularly momentous episode for the occasion of The Clone Wars turning 100. The idea of a super-soldier working as a dish-washer seemed to me to be inherently sweet and full of pathos. The guy has the appeal of a soldier plus the everyman experience. Like most things in the average clone’s life his occupation is not his choice, which sets his story apart from Cut’s.

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