Comic-Con Thursday Roundup

Whew!  What a day!

Not a lot of sleep; about 4 hours, and I was up and going by 7AM.  I have about ten pages of notes, but for tonight I’ll just give you a flavor of what today was like.

7:10 Found the beginning of the registration line, and walked and walked and walked until I found the end. 

8:00 Line started moving and I walked all the way back the way I had come. It’s not that bad, though.  The line cops hustle everyone along.

8:45 Four single-day badges in hand! Off to get in the first line of the day.

10:45 Oh, You Sexy Geek! Panel  – Can’t say enough about how great this discussion was.  I have tons of notes and will wrap up what I heard and observed at a later date.  Slave Leia came up early and Bonnie Burton (Star Wars Craft Book, Lucasfilm) reminded everyone that Princess Leia killed Jabba the Hutt. I took away from the panel that sexy is what you define it to be, that girls need to be nicer to other girl fans (new, old, beautiful, sexy in all shapes and sizes), and that if we want more diverse images of sexy we need to speak with our wallets. 

On a side note: Seth Green crashed his first of two panels for the day. 

11ish Shopping! I spread the wealth around the franchises. I got a Darth Maul Character Key from Acme to add to my collection at home.  Then over to Her Universe where I snagged a complete set of Star Wars charms (HU, Naboo, Rebel, Imperial) and the bracelet, a BSG toaster necklace, and after much deliberating the Warehouse 13 shirt. 

12:00 Nachos and a Coke.

1:45 Back in line for Room 6BCF, which led to a whole new con experience.

2:15 CAPCOM’s Streetfighter X Tekkan Panel – I wanted to make sure I got to see the Star Wars panels that followed, but I haven’t laughed that much in a while. The Japanese game producers go all out to give the fans what they want in terms of the games and selling their product.  They gave direct Facebook pages and Twitter addresses for rebalancing and retuning suggestions from fans, and went over what they had heard in the way of feedback and what they had addressed.

3:30 The Old Republic Panel – I’m not a gamer, but again, these guys showed so much enthusiasm.  They acknowledge fans want to escape, to experience Star Wars first hand, and tell their own stories, and they try really hard to give that to them. The big announcement was that TOR would be ready for the holiday season, and everyone in the panel got a pre-order code.

4:45 The Clone Wars Season Four Panel – Magnificent! I will write more up (5 pages of notes!), but here’s a few highlights:

  • Ben Quadinaros got mentioned, but sorry guys of ForceCast, Dave Filoni declared he isn’t happening.
  • New species called the Karkodons are a shark-based species.
  • New planet Umbara is always in the dark.  Looks cool.
  • Rex will wear a combo between phase 1 and phase 2 armor since he’s afraid the clone troopers are getting cheaper gear and becoming disposable.
  • The reluctant heroes episode with Artoo and Threepio reminds Dave Filoni of Star Tours as they pass by General Grievous on the way to their escape in a Y-wing.
  • The Umbaran species makes some badass fighters with holographic interfaces.
  • Nightsister cosplay (pretty sure it was Team Unicorn) started Seth Green’s second crashing of a panel.  He wanted to get wife and friends in a picture.
  • Nightsisters fight droids! (Dave: Dooku’s not happy.)
  • Savage Opress is back, looking for his brother.
  • No Han Solo. (Dave thinks that’s for the fans to make what they want of his backstory.  Yay!)
  • Mortis is the beginning not the end of mystical stories.  Yay!
  • Lots on Ahsoka and Obi-Wan and how they deal with A/P.  Do they know?  It’ll take too much time to say more now.
  • Dave explained how Ahsoka learned two-lightsaber style. More or less because he said so.

6:00 Her Universe Strong Female Characters Panel – This one deserves a write-up as well, but I can say for certain that I heard over and over make characters relatable and accessible.  I think I’ve said this a few times on the blog.  This panel ran over because there was so much great discussion.

8:30 Eat dinner and start writing.

Now: Time to post!

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  • July 22, 2011 at 9:46 am

    Glad you made it to the panel!

    Happy with how it went. Happy that I got to get it out of the way early and just enjoy the rest of the con.


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