Clues from LOKI Season 2

The God of Mischief is back! Episodes 1 and 2 of Loki Season 2 were released on October 6th and 12th, and there’s a lot to address. With so much going on in the MCU timeline, let’s take a moment to look at some of the hidden easter eggs giving us further insight into the multiverse.

At the end of Season 1, we saw Loki pushed into a time door, which caused him to “slip” into another branch of time (which in this case was the past). The first episode picks up here while Loki is being chased by Mobius and TVA Pruners. Loki is plagued with a condition known as time-slipping, which rips him between past, present, and future across various branched timelines. Essentially, the key details can be easily missed if we don’t pay attention closely enough. 

Kang’s Statue:

In the opening chase sequence, the camera pans backward from the statue of Kang and back to the TVA building, positioning the statue’s angle to seem like it’s watching the events unfold. This could be a possible reference to both He Who Remains and Kang’s presence in Loki Season 2, hinting at the many ways these variants have affected everything that’s been happening so far. 

Spider-Verse Glitching:

Just like Loki, Sony’s Spiderverse movies have also explored the multiverse concept. In the Spiderverse movies, the characters “glitch” when they’re in a universe that’s not their own. The visuals of both glitching and time-slipping are extremely similar, which could definitely point to a potential crossover soon in the MCU. 


During the opening chase sequence, Loki runs into Casey (from the past) as he’s listening to a podcast about mindfulness and meditation. This was the same exact podcast that Steven Grant (MoonKnight) was listening to in the early episodes of MoonKnight. Maybe we could see a Steven and Casey crossover?

“Breaking Bad” 

Episode 2 of Loki was titled “Breaking Brad”, a riff on the AMC series Breaking Bad. The TVA’s Hunter X-5 goes rogue, abandoning his former life and trying to live the life (as famous actor Brad Wolfe on the timeline) he was supposed to be a part of. This is almost exactly like Walter White’s story in Breaking Bad, where Walter leaves his former life as a father and husband, to become the biggest and most successful drug dealer in New Mexico. The episode title could also be interpreted literally. As Loki interrogated Hunter X-5 after he was caught, he threatened to break “Brad” within the shrinking confines of an energy cube. 

Loki’s New Powers:

As Hunter X-5 attempts to escape Loki and Mobius after seeing them in his timeline, Loki really lives up to his name as The God of Mischief by showing off his powers. He uses a combination of powers from the past, like duplication casting, blasts of green energy, and several illusions to distract “Brad Wolfe”. He also debuts a new power which involves him using his own shadows to hold X-5 still in an alleyway. This new power could be a consequence of time-slipping, or it could just be a new power for the God of Mischief. 

Sylvie’s TemPad

At the end of Episode 2, we see Sylvie sitting in a car holding onto a device that looks like an advanced version of TVA TemPad. She seems to hold onto He Who Remains’s device after killing him in the previous season. This TemPad could allow Sylvie to have some of the same powers as Kang, which could potentially save and preserve the timelines, or destroy them all. 

I am beyond excited for the rest of Loki Season 2! These connections and references make it even more enticing to watch. I especially love the balance between the contrasting maturity and humor within the show, and I’m curious to know what the multiverse’s future looks like….or past…or both? of the multiverse…or the past..or both?

Siya Patel

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