Highlights from Dragon Con’s 2019 Costuming Exhibit

Another year of Dragon Con means another visit to the Costuming Exhibit! Put on by the pop-culture convention’s Costuming Track, this exhibit has been a standalone feature in its own room since 2016 and before that was part of the main track room. Convention attendees are invited to come by during the several hours the room is open for three days of the event to get an up-close look at some of the amazing costumes made and worn by fellow attendees.

The Costuming Track itself celebrated its 15th year by bringing back 15 costumes – one for each year – that made their debut at the Track. Along with those pieces several new costumes to the exhibit were on display as well. Costuming is a big deal at this convention and while you’ll see many many costumes and cosplay just walking through the convention hotels, this is a neat opportunity to get away from the crowds (the volunteers only let so many people in the room at a time), have some quiet time, and really get to look at a group of costumes up close while learning more about them. This year I brought along a few attendees who never had been to the exhibit before and gladly watched their faces light up as they discovered what the room had in store.

Scroll on down to see some of my favorites of the recreations and original concepts this year’s exhibit presented.

Professor X Steampunk X-Men Chair
This Steampunk Professor X chair by Dianna Valdez represents 2009 in the track’s history. It’s built from a 1870s Eastlake Victorian rocking chair and a modern Permobil wheelchair. To top it off it’s got a functional drink chiller and dispenser. Photo by Kay.
Clever Girl Velociraptor Costume
Representing 2011 is this costume/puppet hybrid called Clever Girl. Designed by Elizebeth Kistler and built by Jessica Angus it’s a delight of texture and ingenuity. Photo by Kay.
Chamberlin Skeksis Costume Recreation
From 2013 Tawnya Hicks-Letts’ SkekSil/Chamberlin is constructed on a backpack/modified drum harness frame. Photo by Kay.
Freddy Mercury Replica Costume
This replica of one of Freddy Mercury’s costumes by Freddy Clements first appeared in the exhibit in 2014. Photo by Kay.
Assassins Creed Agular replica costume
This screen-accurate replica of a costume from the 2016 movie Assassins Creed has such impressive beadwork (over 3500 beads!). Representing 2017, this costume was made by Frank Puricelli. Photo by Kay.
Qi'ra costume replica from Solo: A Star Wars Stroy
Janelle Santer’s replica of Qi’ra’s Vandoor costume from Solo: A Star Wars Story looked so nice. The jacket consists of more than 87 pieces! Photo by Kay.
Recreation of Padmé Amidala Senate Gown
Vera Campbell made this Padmé Amidala Senate Dress after the one that was cut from Attack of the Clones. Photo by Kay.
Replica Queen Amidala Red Invasion Dress Star Wars
Elizabeth Gerringer did all the golden embroidery by hand on her recreation of Queen Amidala’s Red Invasion Dress from The Phantom Menace. Photo by Kay.
Queen Amidala Headdress from Dragon Con Costuming Exhibit
The accompanying headdress fit for a Star Wars queen is also by Elizabeth Gerringer. Photo by Kay.
The Little Mermaid Party by Sakizou dress at Dragon Con
17th Century Fashion meets Mermaid in this The Little Mermaid Party by Sakizou dress constructed by Lydia Barnes (Melim). Photo by Kay.
Beauty and the Books Dress at Dragon Con 2019
In this piece called “Beauty and the Books” Caden Alexandra made the golden yellow ballgown from the animated Beauty and the Beast out of novels, encyclopedias, and homemaking guides. As if it wasn’t cool enough, the concept goes further with the titles that relate to the character’s oppression forming the restrictive corset and pages on travel, adventure, and knowledge making up the skirt. Photo by Kay.

If you’d like to have a costume you’ve made considered for display in a future exhibit at Dragon Con, the Costuming Track does accept applications. Learn more on their website.

As usual please do not repost these images without permission. Looking for more like this from Dragon Con? Check out my look at the 2018 Costuming Exhibit.

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