A Look at The Costuming Exhibit at Dragon Con 2016

There are so many things to see and do at Dragon Con that it’s easy miss something you might have enjoyed. Luckily Dragon Con’s app is incredibly helpful at giving you a better idea of what’s what and when, adding events to your schedule, and sharing that schedule with your friends. Of course estimating how long it will take you to get past a conga line of one hundred Deadpools is still all on you.

This year it was through the app that I discovered The Costuming Exhibit and that I had friends who wanted to go see it, too. The exhibit has been in place since 2011, but this was the first year it was in its own room instead of the Costuming Track Room.

Having never seen it before, I was expecting something bigger that might feature stand-out costumes from Dragon Cons of yesteryear. The fact that the show celebrated its 30th anniversary this year probably had something to do with me thinking that. Plus Dragon Con is without a doubt one of the top conventions to see and be surrounded by fantastic costumes. I don’t know for sure, but it certainly feels like there’s more people in costume or cosplaying than not.

That being said, it was still neat to see the collection assembled at The Costuming Exhibit, as it gives you a chance to check out some impressive pieces up close without being subject to the crowd tide that rolls throughout most of the rest of the show’s floorspace. And there definitely was some intricate work that went into many of these pieces.

Here are some highlights from 2016’s display:


These photos were taken by Kay and should not be re-published without permission.



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