Her Universe Fashion Show at San Diego Comic-Con

Wish you were in San Diego watching the Her Universe Fashion Show? Me too.

Looks like Cat Taber is part of the show!

David Eckstein previews the stage and later reveals the packed house.

Here is a new Instagram to follow @styledbymarvel, which features a sneak peek behind stage.

Kai Charles shares a peek from the show before it starts.

Amy Ratcliffe is there too.

Studio Ghibli items coming from Her Universe. Ashley looks awesome in her Studio Ghibli gown shared by Hot Topic.

A Her Universe Fangirl of the Day, Amanda Jean, models Totoro dress.

Cosplayer Yaya Han shares a Divergent and Hunger Games Effie couture gown (modeled by Adrienne Curry), Back to the Future Delorean dress, Padme’s Lake dress modeled by Caitlin given a couture take, and a Mystique inspired gown.

Chloe Dykstra has a nice shot of the Dalek wedding dress before the fashion show.

Erike Kennair spotted Cylon couture and an Iron Throne dress.

Fashionably Nerdy is electrified by the Iron Man dress. IfChiefGeek has a pre-show picture of a Wolverine dress.

Meredith Placko instagrams Regina’s Curse, Once Upon a Time inspired fashion.

The official Star Trek Twitter page showed off Starfleet’s finest couture.

More images from Hot Topic: SpongeBob SquarePants, Whovian scarf dress.

Video from Nerdist of the final runway walk before judging.

I didn’t get them all. But I’m working on it. Do you have any favorites I missed?

Update 1: Thanks to Kay for pointing out the Loki dress from Rebecca Kennerly’s tweets.

Update 2: The judges deliberating and the winner is

Update 3: Video of the Cylon dress.

Update 4: Great shot of Ashley up close so you can see the detail, the back of the Delorean dress, and another look at the Regina’s Curse dress from TheQueenofSwag Instagram.

Update 5: Amanda Jean and @BH6683 in their Her Universe fashion. More from Yaya Han with this Little Mermaid dress, Arcee inspired couture and a Metroid mermaid dress.

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