Interview with James S.A. Corey

Recently, FANgirl Blog had the chance to interview James S.A. Corey – the pseudonym for the writing duo of Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck – about the writing process behind their newly released Star Wars Expanded Universe novel Honor Among Thieves. Click here to read their insights on POV, Chewbacca and Scarlet Hark, writing space operas, and more.

Speaking of Scarlet Hark, she’s the star of the short story “Silver and Scarlet” in the current issue of Star Wars Insider magazine, #148, with accompanying art by Joe Corroney and Brian Miller. Audiobook narrator Ilyana Kadushin recorded the story for inclusion in Honor Among Thieves; you can hear a preview at her website.

Also check out the post from Abraham and Franck at the Star Wars Blog, “The Genesis and Goals of Star Wars: Honor Among Thieves.”

Finally, if you missed it, earlier this week we posted Kay’s review of Honor Among Thieves. I really enjoyed the characterizations in the novel. Han fits perfectly in the period between A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back, and it’s fun to get to see him interacting with Chewie again. Scarlet is a great foil for him throughout, and when she and Leia combine to take charge, well, Han better watch out. Like Razor’s Edge, Honor Among Thieves is a fun read if you’re looking for that classic Original Trilogy feel.



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