Korra Book Two Premieres Tonight

Tonight marks the season premiere of The Legend of Korra: Book Two: Spirits. After her challenges in overcoming Amon and the Equalists and unlocking her airbending powers and the Avatar state, Korra now faces a completely different challenge as her heroine’s journey continues: dark spirits from the spirit realm who threaten to destroy Korra and her loved ones.

The newest trailer for Book Two emphasizes Korra’s relationship with her father, a central feature of many mythic stories and hero’s journeys. The theme of friends, love, and family in the second season also features in a recent interview by the L.A. Times Hero Complex with the voice actors who play Mako and Bolin, and IGN’s interview with Janet Varney, the voice of Korra.

Once again, she finds that impatience and that irresistibility of going down a different road. It’s still hard for her, and I think it’s still hard for us as viewers to know, has she learned enough to be making the right choice, or is she still making a “Korra choice”, if you will. I think that will remain to be seen through Book Two.

~ Janet Varney

The Legend of Korra: Book Two: Spirits premieres at 7:00 p.m. Eastern on Nickelodeon.

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