March 2011 Preview

For fans of scifi and fantasy March is coming in like a lion. Here’s what you have to look forward to:

Movies! Movies! Movies! – If you’re a geek, there is at least one movie out there this month for you, probably two or three.  A couple promise a nice sprinkling of romance, too. FANgirl is planning to hit as many as possible and separate the good from the bad.

Beastly – March 4th

The Adjustment Bureau – March 4th

Battle: Los Angeles – March 11th

Red Riding Hood – March 11th

Limitless – March 18th

Paul – March 18th

Sucker Punch – March 25th

Fanfiction – the missing demographic – Part 2 – A short follow up blog to my original discussion explaining why the fanfiction community should be given some consideration when planning the future of the Star Wars EU novels.  

REVIEW: The Star Wars Craft Book by Bonnie Burton – Set for release on March 29, this book looks like it will add a lot of fun into being a fan, especially for creative types.

REVIEW: Star Wars VisionsGuest blogger Lex takes a look at the recent book containing a whole new set of Star Wars-themed art and artists, running the gamut from the classics to the absurd.

FANgirl Speaks Up continues – Speaking of visions, FANgirl’s going to interject some corporate-minded principles into the conversation about improving the earnings potential of Star Wars books. Del Rey and Lucas Books don’t have to look far to find a model that is working quite successfully.

Here are some of the additional events we’re looking forward to: 

New Star Wars Comics 

  • Legacy: War #4 – March 30th

New Releases on DVD 

  • The Walking Dead, Season One – March 8th
  • Skyline – March 22d
  • Black Swan – March 29th
  • Tangled – March 29th