Star Wars Weekends 2011


Our coverage of Star Wars Weekends 2011. Here are some of our highlights. . . . → Read More: Star Wars Weekends 2011

FANgirl on ForceCast

After last Monday’s blog, Luke Skywalker Must Die, triggered an extended discussion during and after last week’s ForceCast, the show’s hosts, Jason and Jimmy Mac, graciously invited me to appear on this week’s show to discuss the topic further. . . . → Read More: FANgirl on ForceCast

Chapter One Excerpt Posted

I promised May Mondays would be exciting, so here we go. . . . → Read More: Chapter One Excerpt Posted

Spacecraft of All Sorts

A few short updates to share. . . . → Read More: Spacecraft of All Sorts

Follow-up to ForceCast Discussion of Fangirlblog

Wow! I had hoped this week’s blog, Luke Skywalker Must Die, would get fans talking, but I never would have guessed in a million years that my idea for reinvigorating the Star Wars EU out of the doldrums would get such a lengthy discussion on the ForceCast last night. . . . → Read More: Follow-up to ForceCast Discussion of Fangirlblog

Luke Skywalker Must Die

I think killing Luke Skywalker in an Expanded Universe novel, and doing it in the near future – both in the real world and in-universe – is the perfect opportunity to revive the stagnating EU storyline, rebuild enthusiasm in the EU fanbase, and bring in a whole bunch of new fans to the EU in the process. To save the EU novels, Luke Skywalker must die. I hope you’ll hear me out on my reasons why. . . . → Read More: Luke Skywalker Must Die

Fun Day Sunday – Yoda, Space Travel and X-wings


This Sunday started out as a beautiful morning and ended just as fine. I have a few things I wanted to share before the week kicks into high gear. . . . → Read More: Fun Day Sunday – Yoda, Space Travel and X-wings

No Reboot Necessary: Learning to Love Your Franchise, Warts and All

I firmly believe that eliminating the single continuity from Star Wars and the Expanded Universe would be a huge mistake – and a blow to the fandom from which the franchise might never recover. . . . → Read More: No Reboot Necessary: Learning to Love Your Franchise, Warts and All

First Character Reveal

As some of you may know by now, and others may not, I have been working on my first novel for the past few months. It will be a space opera set in a universe of my imagination’s design. The focus will be on the characters and developing their arcs much more than the world-building, with a female heroine at the core of the story.

Some of my friends have been asking to learn more about this heroine and her journey. While the first excerpt will be posted on Monday, May 23, I did create a backstory vignette one night as I worked on her character profile.

Check out the excerpts page to discover my heroine’s name and get a peek inside her head.

Who Is She?


When the next book in a series is about to be released, I like to look back at what’s come before in the tale so it’s fresh in my memory. . . . → Read More: Who Is She?