Review of Star Wars Craft Book

Certainly hardcore Star Wars fans who follow Twitter know Bonnie Burton is the most enthusiastic LFL employee out there. Her position gives her access to the wonderful imaginations of fans, who have taken the idea of having fun with Star Wars to whole new levels. And of course, Bonnie herself is quite crafty. So it was exciting to finally have all those cute and ingenious inventions compiled into one place. Sure to be hours of family fun; this book is heading straight for my nieces and nephews, who can’t wait to get started on some crafts.

Before you go running to the bookstore though, I’ll mention this straight off the bat: For its size – 8” by 8” and 140+ pages deep – $20 struck me as a bit pricey. You’ll probably spend more on the book than most of the crafts inside it.  If money is no object, then it’s time to dive into the Star Wars Craft Book.

The book is broken down into five sections, plus an appendix containing all the patterns necessary to create each item. It’s a nice touch that the appendix is also offered in a downloadable version for those who can’t bear to cut out part of the book or don’t have the means to just copy it.

The first chapter, Playtime, starts with simple finger puppets and doll designs that anyone, even my uncrafty self, should be able to master. If you’re not crafting with kids, there are also several ideas for the pets in your life.

Home Décor, the second chapter, introduces crafts of the more ambitious type – like the Ewok flower vase and the Jabba the Hutt body pillow. I have to say I can’t wait to make Han Solo in Soaponite and see what the house guests say when they find a Corellian smuggler waiting for them in the shower.

Chapter 3 introduces holiday-specific crafts, and the fourth chapter details natural and scientific crafts.  My favorite chapter, though, was the last one: Star Wars Style. With character rings, the R2-D2 crocheted beanie, and a few things to do with your old Star Wars t-shirts, this will be the most used part of the book in my house.

Without a doubt, the Star Wars Craft Book is a fan’s treasure that will be enjoyed for years.