Vote Now, Vote Often: Vote Hondo!

Pirated by Hondo Ohnaka

Image by Club Jade

Hello fans, it is I, the Scourge of the Space Lanes, Hondo Ohnaka. Today, I come to you as a humble pirate for your support for ol’ Hondo. I’ve been trying to somehow cheat the ‘This Is Madness’ game but so far, while my luck at hacking into blogs is great, slicing into the character bracket game hasn’t been very profitable – my choices keep coming in next to first place. So I decided to slice into FANgirl Blog, since I heard there was some sort of fangirlcantina. Then I went to another cantina.

So I would like it if you voted for me today. Or else, I’ll toss these tookas out the airlock. They hiss and fight and no one really wants them. Unless you do. I mean they’re adorable and fuzzy and want to go home safely. So vote for Hondo and if I win, the tookas will go free.

Go to and vote for the greatest pirate (and maybe third-greatest computer slicer) of all time, Hondo Ohnaka over Cad Bane. I will protect you from Cad Bane, not that he cares if he’s popular or not. Well, I don’t care either – except that I do a little. And you do want Hondo to win, right? Because Team Hondo is all about winning! And Cad Bane – he’s all about his hat. Should I get a hat? Then Team Hondo would be about winning AND hats. I like that.

After you vote for me, you can also vote for the light side characters of the day: Yoda or Mace Windu. Now I stated yesterday over on Club Jade that I didn’t really have a strong preference for either Jedi, but Yoda’s ears reminded me of my own Kowakian monkey-lizard, so I said vote for him. Today, I like Mace Windu. I can actually understand what he’s saying. Not that I would listen to one of those Temple Jedi. Also, my Pilf Mukmuk has been very temperamental after Salacious Crumb lost, so I don’t want to vote for anyone with those ears.

You can help Hondo achieve victory. Not that I need your help, but it would be good for you if you did it. If I win, we all get to have a party. Even the tookas.

Thanks to jawajames of Club Jade for his incredible (and hilarious!) Team Hondo campaign for this year’s This Is Madness bracket – and for this guest post.

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